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Kohi Yatta, Jln Sungai Besi

It’s an unlikely place for a cafe to be but the more we thought about it, the more it made sense. Kohi Yatta is located at the Mazda showroom and service centre in Sungai Buloh and for as long we sat there staring at the Mazdas, we considered getting one.

It’s a bright and airy cafe that is kid-friendly, as we quickly learnt. A kid’s birthday party was going on during our visit but thankfully, they were confined to the play area.

I love the layout and the segmentation of this cafe, which allows for plenty of seating space. Kohi Yatta means Yay, Coffee! in Japanese, gives you a hint already that this place would have killer coffee.

Not only did they have killer coffees, they had some of the best cold brews we had ever tried (both coffee and teas). My personal favourite was the Houjicha latte but those who love chocolate or matcha will also love their blends.

For food, Kohi Yatta has strong Japanese influences in their dishes, though not purely Japanese. It is a fusion mix of dishes and here’s what we tried. First off was the agedashi tofu (RM10). This is a classic Japanese dish that is often found in Japanese establishments.

Next, we tried their Yuzu Katsu Udon (RM26). We were pleasantly surprised at how good this was. The flavours were pleasant and it’s an easily enjoyable dish.

One of the side dishes we had, which we absolutely loved, was their pumpkin croquettes (RM12). You can’t go wrong with a croquette! We just couldn’t get enough of these.

Another dish we tried was actually part of their Mother’s Day special menu - the aglio olio. This turned out to be one of the dishes we magnanimously agreed was outstanding.

Apart from that, we also tried a salmon soup (RM13) and a Tori Peanut Salad (RM18). Due to my allergies, I couldn’t try the peanut salad, but those who tried it, enjoyed it. The salmon soup was a great side to have. We loved the soft salmon cubes and the clear soup.

For our last main, we tried a Gyu Don Ultra (RM26) because what’s a meal at a Japanese-y place without trying their rice bowls, right? The flavours of the beef were amazing and we enjoyed the combination of the beef, onsen egg and rice. It was just a pity that the beef was slightly tough when it came to the bigger slices. The smaller slices were perfectly cooked and tender.

To end the meal, we were treated to their oat pancakes with berries. I would definitely recommend this dish. It allows you to indulge in these fluffy pancakes without too much guilt because most of its ingredients are pretty healthy!

Overall, we had a great meal at Kohi Yatta and wouldn’t hesitate to come back.

Kohi Yatta

4, Jalan Sungai Besi,

Pudu 57100

Kuala Lumpur

Open Sundays - Thursdays: 8AM - 6:30PM

Fridays and Saturdays 8AM - 10PM

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