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KiloKitchen, Duxton Road

After eight years, Kilo Kitchen has moved out from its original location at Kampung Bugis Road to 97 Duxton Road. Kilo Kitchen offers modern comfort food with their dishes inspired from various cuisines around the world, mainly focusing on a fusion twist which uses Latin American and Asian cooking techniques. A new feature at Kilo's new home at Duxton is its open-kitchen concept with a wood fired grill on sight- a style of cooking Head Chef Manel has honed throughout his culinary career.

Kilo Kitchen has a wide-range of menu which comprises snacks, small plates, as well as big plates, which is recommended for sharing. We had some of Kilo's best selling snacks, such as the Grilled avocado ($10) with crispy puffed buckwheats, yuba and Japanese soy milk skin; and creamy Crab Croquettes ($8 for two) served with basil vinaigrette.

We were served a few signature small plates which consists of fresh and raw seafood that are cured in-house. One of Kilo Kitchen's crowd favourite is the Kilo's Seafood Ceviche ($23), a medley of fresh tuna, octopus, snapper, cherry tomatoes and grilled corn, tossed in refreshing citrus dressing.

The Wasabi Tuna Tartare ($22) is another interesting dish as the tuna is prepared using a traditional Latin American technique while the marination is Japanese inspired, incorporating in a good amount of wasabi and served with nori dusted crisp, then garnished with a handful of fresh microgreens.

Warm small plates includes a hearty serving of Atas Lentils ($26) -- one of Kilo Kitchen founder's traditional family dish -- which uses manchego cheese, bacon, truffle, iberico and egg yolk. We would recommend ordering a side of bread to have this together, as it can be quite rich just eating it on its own.

Our favourite dish of the night was their signature fragrant jet-black Squid Ink Rice ($29), served in a claypot, topped with crispy baby squid, a generous serving of ikura and a dollop of torched aioli.

We also tried their Sea Urchin Rigatoni Pasta ($42) from their large plate menu, which had a fusion twist of Japanese narabi uni, calabrian peppers and a generous portion of shaved parmigiano reggiano. This dish had a tad bit of strong umami flavour, which wasn't to our liking, however it did had a very unique taste profile that some of you may like, especially if you are a huge fan of uni.

On top of that, Kilo Kitchen's new addition of an open concept woodfire-grill brings forth a good range of large shareable dishes such as Grilled Whole Rainbow Trout ($46) with confit tomatoes, basil and olive oil and Braised Westholme Wagyu Beef Cheek ($52) with spicy harissa, red wine and grilled leeks; to fall-off-the-bone Braised Lamb Shank ($42) with roasted peppers, fresh herbs, and za'atar bread, and many more.

Lastly, we ended our dinner here on a sweet note with a piece of decadent Chocolate Terrine ($14) topped with a crunchy tuile, and drizzled with smoked caramel sauce.

For those of you who prefer something on a slightly lighter note, their Coconut Tembleque ($14) with chocolate sauce, pineapple sorbet, and oat crumble is less rich and pretty refreshing too.

With this new opening at 97 Duxton road, the team at Kilo Kitchen is focusing on elevating their existing Kilo classics while experimenting with new flavours and dishes from their wood-fired oven grill, so do look forward for more extensive offerings such as weekend brunch offerings, season specials and a fuller menu, which are all still underway.

Kilo Kitchen

97, Duxton Road,

Singapore 089541.

Tel: +6564673987 or +6596250279 (Call after 4pm)

Operation hours:

Tuesday to Friday: (5.30pm-12am)

Saturday: (6pm-12am)

Sunday&Monday: Closed



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