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New Truffle Menu @ Ginett, Middle Road

Rejoice truffle lovers! Ginett is offering a specially curated seasonal black truffle menu available from now till 30 September 2018. These precious truffles hail from Australia, where they are carefully harvested during the winter ensuring quality and freshness from farm to your table. The truffle menu consists of four innovative dishes.

First up, I tried the Jerusalem Artichoke Veloute ($19). This dish has a soup-like consistency and is made with black truffle espuma, cream of root vegetables and a slice of bread. The moment this dish was placed on the table, I could smell the strong truffle aroma. Overall, I did enjoy this dish as it was just cooked to perfection.

Next, I tried the 62 Degrees Slow-cooked Egg ($24) made with black truffle puree, truffle bread and double boiled beef consume. However, for some reason, i thought this dish tasted rather like chinese medicine and I could hardly taste black truffles.

Now moving on to the mains, I would say the Homemade Foie Gras Ravioli ($35) is my favourite dish on the menu. I loved how generous they were with the big chunks of foie gras in this dish. Personally, I have not seen or tasted a dish like this one before so I would say that this is a "must-try". The portion may be small but, the richness of the foie gras makes can feel quite heavy after awhile, especially if the portions were any bigger.

Finally, I had the Roasted Bresse Chicken ($42). At first glance, this dish may seem pricey considering its small portion, but I must say that it's very worth the price once you see the generous shavings of truffle here. The chicken was so tender and came with a crispy falafel on the side.

Alongside the truffle menu, I got the opportunity to try a few dishes I felt stood out from Ginett's menu.

I could not resist when I saw Ginett serves oysters! (1 piece for $7; 6 pieces for $26; 12 pieces for $48) Do not be fooled by the size of these oysters, they may look small, but the flesh is super juicy and you can really taste the freshness of the oysters making it a great side to have especially during happy hour.

I was in Paris on a student exchange programme for a few months last year and since I've been back, I have yet to find decent escargots in Singapore. Ginett's Burgundy Snails ($19) are one of the best escargots I had in Singapore, thus far. Topped with a generous amount of pesto sauce and garlic, these go especially great with a slice of bread.

Throughout the night I kept finding Ginett's portions to be a bit too small for my liking, but the Organic Lamb Chops ($40) was served in a good portion. It comes with a side of your choice (I had the ratatouille here) and a sauce of your choice (I choose the black pepper, which happens to be the most popular). The meat was really tender and paired well with the black pepper sauce. The ratatouille was a also a burst of flavours! Think: sweet, sour and spicy all in one bite.

A meal is not complete without a sweet ending. For dessert, I had the Molten Chocolate Cake ($15) made with 70% Valhona Guanaja and served with a side of vanilla ice cream. Although I found the lava in the cake a tad too sweet for my liking, the ice cream really complemented and "neutralised" the sweetness.

Apart from the amazing food here, Ginett Restaurant has also a vast yet affordable French wines to offer. I must also add that the restaurant has a very comfortable vibe, making it the ideal place to hang out after work.

Within walking distance from Rocher and Bugis MRT, do not miss out on this culinary experience!

Ginett Restaurant and Wine Bar

200 Middle Road,

Singapore 188980

Tel: +65 6809 7989

Opening Hours: Daily 7am - 11.30pm

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