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  • Nicholas Yong

I’m Kim Korean BBQ @ SOTA

Looking for good Korean BBQ? I’m Kim has been around since 2014, serving Korean BBQ buffet surrounded by K-Pop culture. Where else can you have Korean BBQ accompanied by the legend G-Dragon himself?

We visited I’m Kim for buffet lunch and was wow-ed by the choices on offer. All the meats available were tender and marinated well. Just be sure to not to overcook them! Highly recommended by the I’m Kim team is the pork belly, but since we’re gluttons, we also went for the spicy Volcano chicken, pork collar, Korean honey pork, short ribs, and prawns.

While we cannot pick our choice of meat cuts ourselves because of the current pandemic, the service staff are on hand to take our orders via an order sheet.

I’m Kim recommends keeping the grill heat at maximum so that the meat will be cooked in a jiffy for your hungry bellies. Be prepared to cook your food faster than you can keep stuffing your mouth. The portion sizes when ordering is just right too—you won’t end up overeating as long as you don’t overorder.

What’s a Korean BBQ without some side dishes to snack on? (Helps to satiate your hunger too while waiting for the meat to cook!) The team here suggested the ginseng soup and collagen soup for starters. The ginseng soup is highly aromatic, while the collagen soup was rich in flavour. Having hot soup in between bites of samgyeopsal was surprisingly satisfying and helps to balance the heat from all that grilling.

Other sides we ordered include their signature fried chicken, which had a nice crunch and is good for keeping your mouth busy while you’re waiting for your meat to be cooked. My favourite of the bunch has to be the Korean pancakes, which are really thin and crispy. My only gripe was that they don’t give us many pieces per order; I want more! I also liked the potato salad, which was rich and creamy.

For dessert, you’ll be spoilt for choice with freshly cut watermelon slices, the refreshing watermelon sago, and longan jelly. The watermelon sago is the winner here. Most people would be familiar with mango sago as a dessert, but watermelon sago is a surprisingly good alternative too. Take note for those who don’t like almond soup (like myself), the longan jelly may be more of an acquired taste.

Normally, one will inevitably end up smelling like Korean BBQ after a long session here, but the ventilation at I’m Kim is very good. There’s no need to worry about staying out the whole day with the K-BBQ smell lingering on you.

The best part about our meal was the price. Buffet lunch for I’m Kim costs only $14.90 from Monday to Friday, and $24.90 on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. For buffet dinner, the damage is $24.90 on weekdays, and $25.90 on weekends and public holidays. There are also discounts available for Students / Seniors as well as further discounts for children so that you can bring your whole family here for a feast without breaking the bank.

Check out more of their promotions on their website

I'm Kim Korean BBQ @ SOTA

1 Zubir Said Drive

#01-04 School of The Arts

Singapore 227968

Tel: +65 62387218

Opening Hours: Weekdays: 11.30am – 4.30pm, 5.30pm – 10.30pm

Buffet Counter closes at 3.30pm and 9.30pm

Weekends / Public Holidays: 11.30am – 4.00pm, 4.00pm – 10.30pm

Buffet Counter closes at 9.30pm

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