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How to use MealPal in Singapore to get cheaper everyday meals

If you have been following us on Instagram, you'd notice that we recently gave you a little sneak peek into MealPal. Everyone has been asking "what is MealPal?" and "How do to use MealPal in Singapore?"

So read on, and I shall answer your questions.

TL;DR subscribe through here for $30 off your first subscription!

What is MealPal? And how to use Mealpal in Singapore?

MealPal is a monthly food take-away subscription that will allow you to collect up to 15 meals a month for a fixed price for lunch or dinner during weekdays, depending on your choice of subscription. The food must be pre-ordered via the MealPal app with participating restaurant outlets. You'd then pick up your order at your preferred time slot.

With MealPal, you'd get to order a premium restaurant meal for a cheaper price and beat the rush hour queue!

How much is MealPal?

There are 2 lunch subscription and 2 dinner subscription plans available right now.

12 lunch meals at $7.99 per meal

14 lunch meals at $6.99 per meal (including 12 $7.99 restaurant meals and 2 $1.00 hawker meals)

10 dinner meals at $8.99 per meal

15 dinner meals at $8.49 per meal

Each subscription lasts for only 1 month and your subscription will end after that or after you've collected all your meals, whichever comes first.

How to use MealPal in Singapore?

First, you would need to register an account with MealPal, select your preferred subscription and you will get access to order your Meals.

You may download the MealPal app for easier ordering.

The menu refreshes everyday at 5pm for the next day and you may start ordering your food for the next day. Order closes at 10.30am on the day. Once you have placed your order, you are required to choose your preferred pick up slot. This is so you will not have to wait for your food. Just pick up and go!

So now, just wait till it's time to head over for your pick up. And when the time comes, mention to the restaurant staff that you're there to pick up your MealPal order and scan a QR code at the restaurant to confirm your pick up.

Pick up your food and enjoy!

Where is MealPal?

Choose from hundreds of local participating outlets, that are mostly located around office areas, such as Raffles Place, Telok Ayer, Fusionopolis, Novena, City Hall, Orchard, Bugis and more.

Why MealPal?

MealPal is perfect for those of you who would like to enjoy premium restaurant meals frequently, without burning a hole in your wallet. You'd also get to skip the queue and get your food immediately. (No more hovering over people's tables like hungry vultures!)

Especially great for those of you who are busy, MealPal is quick and hassle-free. Chop-chop and off you go!

So now that you know how to use MealPal in Singapore, sign up for your first subscription, and get $30 off using this link here.

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