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Highball, Kampung Bahru

“Highball. A simple cocktail, most commonly made with two ingredients - a spirit and a carbonated mixer, and served in an ice-filled highball glass.”

True to its namesake, Highball is a simple bar with a robust base of quality and affordable cocktails, with an effervescent mixer of charm led by head honcho, Kino, and her all-female crew. Talk about girl power right there!

I was at Highball to check out bar manager Anne’s entry for the Gin Jubilee -- Who Can’t Be Tamed. A drink that’s pretty and sweet that packs a punch. And congratulations are in order, I was lucky enough to try the drink that clutched the first runner up position!

Who Can't be Tamed is a refreshing harmony of sweet, tangy, and bitterness. And what I love is that it has everything in a regular gin and tonic that I enjoy, but with the added sweetness of apricot liqueur and pomegranate syrup that doesn’t take away the herbaceous aroma in G&Ts. Like a familiar room with a fresh coat of paint, it’s one of the best gin and tonics I’ve ever had -- and I’ve had my fair share of G&Ts.

Although Who Can’t Be Tamed is no longer available (they should totally make it a secret menu item or something), it’s a testament to Highball’s ability to create quality cocktails. I’m not usually a fan of sweet cocktails, but Highball definitely made some exceptions.

Similarly, Highball's Kyoho Fizz ($15 nett), which is made with gin, grape liqueur, lemon, sour plum and topped of with soda, was just as amazing. I loved that the fizzy soda balances out the sweetness from the grape liqueur, and the lemon and sour plum adds a tartness that makes it addictive, all while distinctly tasting the gin base. A juicy and refreshing drink that's perfect to have to relax after a long day at work.

Next, we had the Yuki No Hana ($12 nett). A sake based cocktail, with yogurt liqueur, honey and milk was slightly sweeter than everything else I’ve had. I loved that the milk and honey gave it a natural sweetness that doesn’t taste sugary, while the sake and yogurt liqueur was a nice reminder that you’re still having an alcoholic beverage. Incredibly smooth and creamy and somehow gave me a sense of warmth and comfort.

And if you want something simple, there’s a selection of Jim Beam highballs that you can never go wrong with. Like their Jim Beam Yuzu Citrus Highball ($10 nett), a simple and refreshing drink, with a bourbon highball coming straight out of a tap, topped up with yuzu juice. A classic drink that's hard not to love.

With a wide range of refreshing highballs, amazing cocktails and it’s simple yet inviting atmosphere, Highball even conducts special classes, from learning about cocktail making, to understanding more about what you’re ordering at a bar. It’s definitely worth your time to make a trip down the row of beautiful heritage houses where Highball is located.


79 Kampong Bahru


Singapore 169377

Opening Hours:

4:00PM - 12:00AM (Mondays to Fridays)

6:00PM - 12:00AM (Saturdays)

Closed on Sunday

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