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HEYTEA introduces 2 new Bobo Tea this December

The brown sugar bubble milk tea is all everyone is talking about these days in Singapore. And it’s no surprise that HEYTEA, China’s number one contemporary tea connoisseur, is stepping up its game and bring you two new upgraded versions – Brûlée Bobo Tea ($4.50) and Oreo Bobo Tea ($4.80).

Launching on 12 December 2018, make your way down to HEYTEA and enjoy a 1-for-1 promo for all Boba Tea for one day only!

HEYTEA just opened up in Singapore a month ago and has since seen long queues as people rush over to get their dose of brown sugar bubble milk tea.

For the Boba Tea Series, pick between two options: Brûlée Bobo Tea or Oreo Bobo Tea.

Then, pick the base of your drink: fresh milk or fresh milk tea.

And based on your personal preference, you can adjust the level of sweetness and amount of Bobo pearls to your liking!

For you brown sugar crème brûlée fans, rejoice as you can get a top up for FREE! Simply request for more brûlée at the counter when ordering!

If this is your first time trying Bobo Tea, here’s how you do it right (instructions are also found on the drink cover):

Step 1: Using the small spoon, taste the top layer of caramelised brown sugar and brûlée

Step 2: Insert the straw, mix pearls and brown sugar evenly before taking a huge sip

Step 3: ENJOY!

Apart from Bobo Tea, HEYTEA is also serving up ice cream! Find four locally-inspired flavours that are sure to leave you yearning for more – Durian Ice Cream ($4.80), Salted Egg Yolk Ice Cream ($4.80), Tea King Ice Cream ($2.80) and Mango Ice Cream ($4.80). You can even personalise your ice cream by adding toppings – Cheese ($1.60), Oreo ($0.90), Grapefruit Pulps ($0.50), Ice Cream ($1.60), and Bobo Pops ($0.60).

If you’ve missed the 1-for-1 promo on 12 December (Wednesday), fret not! Spot HEYTEA’s Boba Truck parked outside ION Orchard from 2pm onwards on 15 and 16 December and you’d be able to:

  • Receive a free cup of Bobo tea. Only applicable to those wearing polka dots and limited to 100 cups per day.

  • Redeem a lucky draw chance. Screenshot Bobo Tea content from HEYTEA’s Instagram account and flash it to the staff.

  • Get free stickers. Take a photo of the event and post on your social media platform.

  • Win a free gift. Get a go at “Pick the Bobo” and pick 20 or more ping pong bobo from one basket to another within 30 seconds.


ION Orchard Mall,

2 Orchard Turn,


Singapore 238801

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