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Healthy Greek Food @ Supergreek

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

From the brainchild of Omakase burger and Picnic Food Park, presents Singapore's first healthy fast-casual greek restaurant, Supergreek.

Supergreek has opened its stores in Raffles City and Picnic, Wisma Atria. Supergreek's menu comprises of grain bowls that varies in protein as well as meatless options catered towards vegan and vegetarians. The meals that are served here are all pre-calculated in calories and nutrients, with their calorie information available publicly on their menu. Alternatively, you can swap these quinoa-based grain bowls to a pita wrap for an additional S$1 or salad for an extra S$2.

The team at Supergreek uses traditional greek ingredients that are directly imported from Greece such as olive oil, pita wrap and feta cheese. They pay close attention to curating the best of Greek flavours while using the freshest of local ingredients that nourishes your body.

Highly recommended and also their signature, a greek classic Lamb Kebab (S$11.90) is not one to miss – juicy grilled lamb souvlaki smothered with house-made hummus and spiced harissa, served alongside, purple and white cabbage, chopped fresh tomatoes and onions, orange vinaigrette. All these wrapped in a warm pillowy Pita Bread that is directly imported from Athens.

Moving on to their robust choice of healthy and fresh grain bowls, meat-eaters will not want to miss this Premium Steaks Grain Bowl (S$13.90). The beef bowl uses premium USDA roast beef which is drizzled with refreshing Greek Vinaigrette, a dollop of house-made Tzatziki and creamy hummus, and served a bed wholesome brown rice, arugula, lettuce, roasted broccoli, sweet potatoes with a sprinkle of sunflower seeds.

Expect a burst of flavours with their Grilled Chicken Steak Grain Bowl (S$9.90), that is served with protein-packed quinoa and pairs impeccably well with their avocado Greek yoghurt sauce and hummus (both made in-house). The grilled chicken is served alongside a medley of vegetables such like green spinach, mixed salad, roasted pumpkin, grilled capsicum, and cucumber, with a drizzle of Green Vinaigrette, chopped parsley, and a touch of sesame seed to complete the bowl.

Moving on to our personal favourite grain bowl – The Roasted Barramundi (S$12.90). This seafood based grain bowl comprises of dill-marinated Barramundi fillet served with quinoa, mixed salad, arugula, mashed potatoes, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, freshly chopped onions, cherry tomatoes and Greek Vinaigrette. All these nutrient dense combination consist just a whopping 488.7kcal.

Non-meat eaters have exciting options to choose from at Supergreek too. Their 100% Plant Based options such like the Roasted Vegan (S$7.90) includes a colorful mix of nutrient-rich ingredients. The Roasted Vegan comprises of fiber-rich quinoa, cured beetroot, purple and white cabbage, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, corn, cucumber, onions, cherry tomatoes, creamy house-made hummus, mango capsicum sauce and finished off with a touch of zesty orange vinaigrette.

Last but not least, save room for some freshly made Greek yogurt for the ultimate greek experience. Have these yogurt as a healthy dessert or mid-day snack as its packed with protein and contains less sugar than regular store-bought yogurt. The Greek Classic (S$4.90) yogurt can be enjoyed plain or with topping such as honey and walnut. Supergreek also utilizes its freshly-made Greek yoghurts in its own line of protein-packed smoothies which is a perfect meal replacement if you are constantly on-the-go.

Get your hands on these wholesome flavours of Greece right in the heart of Singapore. We definitely enjoyed our meal here and will be back for more!

Wisma Atria

Address: 435 Orchard Road, #03-15 Wisma Atria, Singapore, 238877

Operating hours: Daily @ 11am-9.30pm(last order)

Raffles City Shopping Centre

Address: 252 North Bridge Road, #B1-54, Singapore 179103

Operating hours: Daily @ 10am-10pm



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