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Hans Im Glück, 362 Orchard Road

Hans Im Glück is a celebrated gourmet burger chain in Germany, with Singapore being their 50th outlet under their belt and their first outlet outside of Europe. Known for their burgers made fresh with healthier ingredients and with a wide variety of options, you’ll be mistaken to dismiss it as just another burger joint.

The name Hans Im Glück comes from a popular German fairy tale of the same name, which is a big influence on the lush and whimsical meets modern interior design of the restaurant that feels incredibly inviting. Birch tree trunks sprouts all around, and is a common sight in many of their outlets, with potted plants, floor to ceiling windows and warm lighting, I’d live right in here if I could.

I was impressed by its sheer amount of variety and customisable options. I was expecting 10, maybe 15 types of burgers. Hans Im Glück has a whopping 30. From beef and chicken, to vegetarian and vegan options! More on the vegan burger later.

There’re much to choose from so let’s run through some of your options.

First, you get to pick your choice of buns: between sourdough, multigrain or naked (without the bun of course). Personally, it’s sourdough all the way for me.

Next, choose your burger, here are some of my favourites.

Their namesake burger, Hans Im Glück ($17), with Parmesan cheese, Parma ham, rocket leaves and balsamic glaze was a personal favourite. With the ingredients, it was almost like having a salad but in a burger form. Incredibly savoury with the balsamic adding a nice tanginess that made the burger very appetizing.

For something offbeat, try Elsässer ($16) with brie and cranberry. The sweet and savoury combination might not be for everyone, but I absolutely loved it.

A burger joint that offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan options is something uncommon. Even rarer is it to find burgers that taste just as delicious as their meat-filled counterparts. Remember that vegan burger I was telling you about?

I was blown away by Juglans ($15), a wheat patty that, if you didn’t mentioned it, was just as juicy and savoury as a regular burger. The cranberry, sprouts and walnuts adds to the uniqueness to a burger that I’ve personally never had before, and it was oh so delicious. Even if you aren’t a vegan, definitely give it a try.

Why not make it a meal? Before 5pm, get a side and a hot or cold beverage for $5 with your burger, and after 5pm, get a side and a cocktail for $15 to make it a party. Their steak and sweet potato fires were fluffy and crispy and definitely a must try.

It also pays to mention Hans Im Glück’s condiments are made with their own secret recipe, so you won’t find them anywhere else. I would recommend the Orange Mustard and Spicy Grill Sauce, which were awesome!

With their wide array of options, their amazing burgers with excellent quality, and an ethereal atmosphere, there's really nothing I don't love about Hans Im Glück. They might be the new kids on the block, but they've definitely been round a few. Next time you get that craving for a burger, make sure to check out Hans Im Glück.

Hans Im Glück 362 Orchard Road,

Singapore 238887 Opening Hours:

11am – 12am (Mon to Thu)

11am – 1am (Fri & Sun)

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