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Gully Kitchen & Bar @ 31 Hong Kong Street

Savour some of the best global street favourites with a twist in a single space. Gully Kitchen & Bar began as a progressive culinary collaboration with Blu Kouzina last year and now welcomes you to their new space located at 31 Hong Kong Street.

Start off your meal with a wide selection of appetisers such as their creamy Homemade Labneh Balls ($13) that is made with authentic Greek Yogurt and soaked in piquant olive oil, served atop crispy house baked croutons and garnished with freshly chopped parsley leaves.

A noteworthy starter to share was the oven-baked Caramelized Brie Puff ($25.50). Personally, soft Brie Cheese taste particularly well en Croûte. It is also combined with caramelized mushroom and onion for a subtle earthy and bold flavour and finally garnished with a nice balance of savoury-sweet combination of nutty white and black sesame, slight drizzle of sweet honey, and topped with herbaceous chopped parsley.

The Taiwanese Chicken Buns ($16.50) is inspired by Shihlin's famous fried chicken that comes in a trio of petite sliders. Here, Taiwanese style spiced fried chicken is served with arugula leaves that possesses a hint of natural tartness alongside creamy homemade lime alio olio sauce. All that sandwiched between two fried Mantou buns for the ultimate Asian element.

One of Gully's signature dish and highly recommended to order is Gully's succulent and tender chunk of South African BBQ Ribs ($42.50 550gm; $56.60 750gm). Dig into a scrumptious piece of Beef Ribs that is cooked South African style by first cooking it in a sous-vide overnight, and then oven-baked till fork-tender. It is topped with Gully's in-house made BBQ sauce, coleslaw and fries that are imported all the way from Greece.

Furthermore, diners that are looking for a wholesome yet healthier choice on Gully's menu may opt for the Middle Eastern Rice Bowl that comes with Falafel ($18.50) that is suitable for vegetarians or with Chicken ($21.50) that is perfect for non-vegetarians. Pictured above is the Middle Eastern Chicken and Rice Bowl ($21.50) that comes with a generous portion of Basmati rice, spiced chicken thigh and a medley of fresh salad comprising lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Finally, a dollop of homemade tzatziki and sriracha is perched over the succulent chicken thigh.

Last but not least, end your global street experience on a sweet note with their house-made Cheesecake ($9) served with a hint of grated lemon zest for a zesty kick – A simple yet satisfying end to our sumptuous journey here at Gully.

Besides serving meticulously crafted global street inspired food, Gully also offers curated cocktails to wind down from a stressful day with exciting promos in store too. Cheers to Gully's concoction of Spritz offerings with the Greek Spritz (L;$18) comprising Otto's Vermouth, Skinos and lemonade. Or perhaps a more refreshing choice of Gin & Cucumber Spritz (R;$18) that includes an addition of Sparkling Wine from the classic G&T.

Overall, I had a really good experience in Gully as the menu offerings has its own unique flavour profile from different parts of the world that was strong, bold with incorporating ingredients and cooking method that pays homage to a particular region. I will definitely be back to try more of what they have to offer.

Not to mention, Gully is also available for island-wide delivery and self pickup on all food delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Foodpanda, Grab, or you may directly Whatsapp the team at Gully @ +65 8485-0820.


Address: 31 Hongkong St, Singapore 059670

Contact: 8485 0820

Hours: Everyday: 12–2:30pm, 6–10:30pm except Sundays


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