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Surf N’ Turf Buffet, Grand Millennium Hotel KL

Enjoyment is key at the The Mill of Millennium Hotel’s Surf & Turf Buffet, now back again to wow seafood and meat lovers. Though this Saturday evening buffet remains true to its name, the 7-10pm fusion lineup is set to appeal to all palates of all ages.

With that in mind, we savoured juicy honeydew slices paired with salty ham, tangy slices of tomato laced with balsamic reduction and chewy balls of mozzarella, delicate rolls of sushi, sinking our teeth into mosaic wedges of vegetable terrine. This Bukit Bintang star was ready to impress!

On the line, fishing for compliments at every table, were trays of sea bass with a slight char to its skin, scallops served on the shell with just a touch of sweetness, salmon, and ikan bakar – smothered to perfection in sumptuous marinade. We recommend the seafood aglio for a carb-y comfort dish that will snag your heart.

They had the cold servings of slippery oyster on a shell, and don’t forget the smoked Hamachi, reminiscent of smoky beef jerky, but with a pleasing crunch that sinks into a soft texture.

Not to mention the glistening servings of crayfish, crab, mussels, and prawns that were served fresh.

Also fighting for it’s turf was the turf portion of the buffet, and it was quite the menagerie of morsels. There was a bounty of cheesy beef lasagne, beef roast, and golden-skinned HK-style duck. But the highlight here was the live grill station, where your fresh cuts of meat are grilled to order before being whisked away to your table.

The star seemed to be the yellow chicken kofta was tender, extremely flavorful, and it felt like it was melting into my mouth with each chew.

But before it was over, the real show-stopper turned out to be the desserts. Flaky, sweet layers of croissant dough cut into donuts crunched in our greedy mouths. Does anyone crave cronuts? Well, some of the best ones are here at the Millennium Hotel.

Also present are ruby red, sweet and sour strawberries that accentuate the moist, rich cakes. Juxtaposed against pastel meringues that sit in large glass canisters for our indulgent pleasure, ready to dissolve into sugary dollops on our tongues.

At RM168 per person, we peg this lavish buffet as a value win!

The Mill @ Grand Millennium Hotel KL

160, Bukit Bintang Street, Bukit Bintang,

55100 Kuala Lumpur

From 7PM-10PM daily


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