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Top 6 New Things To Do In Genting Highlands

A couple of weeks back, we got to do a really fun staycation at Grand Ion Delemen Hotel, Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands is being quickly developed into an entertainment hub up in the cooling mountains and to meet the demand of growing tourists, many new hotels have begun to pop up.

Grand Ion Delemen has actually been open for the past 3 years but it has been kept a little known secret spot - mainly because it’s tucked away in a different part of Genting Highlands. If you’re familiar with the Amber Court road, that is where Grand Ion Delemen is located.

It has been developed into a modern, futuristic hotel with many amenities that appeal to families and younger travellers. What I liked about the place is that it is secluded and private, which afforded us a really laidback staycation.

There are plenty of food options on the property including Kembali - their Malaysian and international kitchen (where hotel breakfast is served), a romantic fine dining restaurant called Hugo’s In The Sky and even a Thai mookata restaurant. For tea time, you can even head to their cooling al fresco Fairy Tales cafe for high tea.

We dined at Kembali that night for dinner, enjoying a hearty plate of fish and chips. I really recommend ordering this dish at Kembali because the fish absolutely delicious and the portion is huge. If you're looking for something to fill you up, this dish is it!

We also got to try their Australian ribeye steak, but do bear in mind the portion for the steak is a little on the small side if you're a big eater (like us!). However, I have to commend the chefs for their mashed potatoes and vegetables as those two elements really brought the whole dish together perfectly.

Since we were really really hungry, we also tried their spaghetti bolognese. I was pleasantly surprised with this dish because it actually far surpassed my expectations. The pasta was cooked well and the sauce was a nice thick mix of meat and tomato base with a good amount of parmesan cheese grated over the top.

One of my favourite dishes from Kembali kitchen had to be their pepperoni pizza. We loved the thin crust of the pizza and the generous toppings, coated with copious amounts of cheese! What a treat for the tastebuds.

After dinner, we got to enjoy the cool night breeze by walking around the open air garden on the same floor as Kembali. This was a lovely experience and one that was made even more special because we were the only ones at the garden that night - making our night stroll a very romantic one.

Overall, I would recommend staying at Grand Ion Delemen hotel because of its reasonable room rates, the room is extremely comfortable and spacious and each room also comes with a balcony, so you can enjoy the fresh breeze throughout the day.

Grand Ion Delemen room rates start from RM500+ but look out for their amazing deals that allow you to book your rooms from only RM220 per night!

Besides that, here are the top 6 new things you can do while you're enjoying your staycation there:

1. Enjoy afternoon tea at Fairy Tales Cafe

For our full review on the cafe itself, check out this post. We got to enjoy a lovely high tea set up in the mountains with the cool, fresh air in its al fresco dining area.

2. Win the Spicy Chicken Wing challenge and walk away with 1,000 Air Asia BIG points

We didn't manage to try this challenge (because I am closing in on my 9th month of pregnancy!) but we definitely recommend you give it a try!

3. Take a relaxing dip at indoor heated pool and pose with your favourite pool float

We were really impressed with the indoor heated pool because it was so inviting and enjoyable amidst the cooling weather. But it's also great that they have super cute unicorn floats for rent so you don't have to worry about bringing one to get those Instagram shots.

4. Flying fox & challenge course

Adrenaline junkies will find themselves at home here on the challenge course and flying fox. Again, we didn't get to try this as I am heavily pregnant! But man, it did look really fun. I would definitely come back for this once I have recovered.

5. Enjoy Hugo's In The Sky and other restaurants up in the mountains

As mentioned earlier, there are a number of restaurants for you to choose from on the property itself. Hugo's In The Sky is actually a great choice with the promotions they have ongoing from time to time. For instance,

6. Hop onto the complimentary shuttle for a shopping spree at Sky Avenue

The hotel is located some ways away from the hustle and bustle of Genting's entertainment hub, but worry not since the hotel provides a scheduled shuttle bus which will take you to and fro for free so you can enjoy all the fun stuff like the theme park, the cinema, the karaoke lounge, multiple restaurants there and even the casino.

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