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Grand Chinese New Year Feast at Jade Restaurant @ The Fullerton Hotel

The Fullerton Hotel Singapore welcomes the Year of the Pig with an auspicious feast at Jade Restaurant from the 21st January to 19th of February 2019. The menu features premium ingredients such as lobster, suckling piglet, caviar and bird’s nest and priced at an auspicious $2,388(for 10 persons and orders should be made two days’ in advanced).

The Grand Fullerton Golden Feast menu at Jade restaurant, isn't like any other Chinese restaurants that I've been to. You can forget anticipating for the common steamed fish with soy sauce, deep fried butter prawns, or the plain old herbal chicken soup and sweet iced Longan for dessert. Head chef Leong of Jade restaurant has really taken up traditional Chinese New Year favourites up a notch by incorporating his innovative recipes and artistic creativity with a touch of modern twist.

This Chinese New Year, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore is a definite go-to place if you're out to indulge and impress.

Chinese New Year gatherings always start off with a yu sheng. This Special Piggy Edition Gold Rush Yu Sheng ($388) consist of premium ingredients such as lobsters, champagne jelly, edible gold leaf and more. This serves 10 pax with dine-in orders. Takeaway options are also available and should be made two days in advance to avoid any disappointment. FYI, chefs need about an hour and a half just to plate this yusheng!

Enjoy double happiness with this Braised and Roasted Pork Belly in Steamed Buns. The first pork belly is braised in chef’s secret recipe featuring soy sauce, five different kinds of spices and a touch of fermented beancurd. The second is seasoned with fragrant garlic and roasted to a golden brown crisp. The duo is then tucked in a homemade steamed bun alongside finely shaved pickled carrot, radish and apple, and served on fresh coral lettuce.

If you'd like to take the buns up a notch (which we highly recommend), add on some crisp and rich texture from a whole roast suckling pig and 100gm of Kaluga Caviar, total for both priced at $638 (two days in advanced order).

The Poached Preserved Vegetable and Mushroom Pork Dumplings symbolises the ushering in of wealth and treasure. These beautiful dumplings are made with chewy housemade dumpling skin and streaked with natural beetroot juice for an auspicious red tinge. Each dumpling is carefully folded by hand which consists of a delicious mix of beetroot, mushrooms, preserved vegetables and lean pork, and is served with a drizzle of lightly spiced vinaigrette.

Then, dive into a blend of premium and hearty Pork Tripe soup ($13/person) with a shot of Hennesy XO Cognac ($28 per shot). In the soup, dried oysters are slow-cooked alongside pig tongue and tripe in a combination of chicken and pork bone stock for three hours to yield a rich, yet nourishing soup. The generous use of white peppercorns from Sabah brings a refreshing lift to the palate, while the shot of Hennessy XO provides an additional depth and rounds off the flavour.

Then comes a gorgeous serving of fish which signifies abundance. A must have during the Chinese New Year season. You have the option in choosing between two types of fish. First would be the Prosperity Stir Fried Garoupa ($16/100g), which Chef Leong has deftly preserved the tradition of keeping the head and the tail in tact with a modern twist with serving sliced grouper fillets that make up the body of the fish. The fillets are stir-fried in a tangy, spicy Vietnamese fish sauce laced with calamansi juice for a refreshing taste.

The other option is Chef Leong's artistic Full of Luck Deep-Fried Chilean Sea Bass ($280) with Hawthorn Sauce. The fish fillet is carefully sliced in a criss-crossed fashion, then deep-fried in hot oil to an attractive golden crisp. This is then paired with a sweet and sour hawthorn sauce made of hawthorn, rock sugar, vinegar, tomato ketchup and chilli sauce, and a sprinkle of pine nuts.

A traditional Chinese course meal wouldn't be the same if there weren't any carbs to compliment the whole feast. Chef Leong had incorporated 5 different grains for this Fragrant Wok Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Sausage. The combination of Brown Rice, Buckwheat, Oat, Barley and Homemade Crispy Rice are painstakingly wok-fried instead of boiling. A dish you can't help but have more than one serving.

Lastly, end your feast on a sweet note with a dainty Nian Gao Tart (Glutinous Cake Tart) and Hot Eight Treasure Soup ($13) which is packed with healthy ingredients such as red dates, dried longan, lotus seeds, snow fungus, chia seeds, peach gum, luo han guo and dried persimmons. There are also two delectable tang yuan in auspicious orange and red, both scented with a hint of mandarin orange and rose, respectively. For a premium option, add a shooter glass of cave bird’s nest ($48) double-boiled in rock sugar to complete your dessert.

Overall, the dishes were very creative and well executed. The east meets west ingredients in authentic Cantonese dishes were a first for me, and it turned out tasting so great together. I loved how every ingredient used has it own character and meaning, which are all related to auspicious sayings for Chinese New Year. Head Chef Leong has really made this a truly memorable feast and I'd highly recommend this place if you are looking for a fantastic Chinese New Year with your loved ones.

The eight-course Grand Fullerton Golden Feast,Priced at S$2,388* (for 10 persons) and orders should be made two days in advance. Jade’s Chinese New Year menus start from S$118 for Family Style Set Menu (6 persons and above), and S$88 per person for Individual Set Menu and Vegetarian Set Menu.

For more information and dining reservations at The Fullerton Hotel Singapore and The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore, please contact Dining Reservations at (65) 6877 8911/8912 or email dining: Reservations are highly recommended.


The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

1 Fullerton Square,

049178 Singapore

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