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Gourmet tour of Europe @ Gordon Grill, Goodwood Park Hotel

You don’t need to fly all the way to Europe to have a taste of it. From 2 August to 29 September 2019, Gordon Grill in Goodwood Park Hotel will be presenting a gastronomic journey around Europe with time-honoured dishes specially curated by its culinary team.

Available during lunch as a three-course set menu and dinner with a choice of four-course set menu or an eight-course degustation, the repertoire highlights the gourmet exemplars of European regions such as Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Norway, Great Britain, Portugal, Germany and Austria.

For an indulgent experience, the affable team at Gordon Grill recommends the eight-course degustation menu complemented with a selection of wines, which was what we tried.

The first course, hailing from Greece, is the Farmer Salad, featuring a medley of vegetables, olives, feta cheese and topped with a light lemon-olive oil dressing.

Next, we had the Pan-fried Foie Gras, a classic French delicacy.

The third and fourth course came together – Goulash Soup and Traditional Minestrone – showcasing the popular soups from Hungary and Italy.

The appetisers were paired with a light French white wine – Chablis Louis Jadot.

For the main, or the fifth course, we had the Grilled Angus Tenderloin. This popular British dish is served with Scottish clapshot, butter vegetables and red wine jus.

The next dish, Grilled Tiger Prawn, pays homage to Portugal’s love for seafood.

The two mains were paired with a full-bodied Spanish red wine – Luis Canas Reserva Rioja.

Did you know that the Black Forest is an actual forested mountain in Germany? And that the popular Black Forest Cake is actually named not after the forest but after the specialty liquor hailing from that region, which the cake its cherry flavour. Be warned though, this cake is quite boozy!

And last but not least, a moist and dense chocolate cake called Sacher-Torte, which is a delicacy in Austria.

The desserts were paired with a sweet German Reisling – Erdener Herzlei Riesling Spatlese Goldkapsel

Tour Around Europe at Gordon Grill (2 August to 29 September 2019)

  • 3-Course Set Lunch (Appetiser or Soup; Main Course; Dessert) - $78++ per person, available from Mondays to Fridays

  • 4-Course Set Dinner (Appetiser; Soup; Main Course; Dessert) - $98++ per person, available from Mondays to Sundays

  • 8-Course Dinner Degustation Menu - $168++ for two guests

  • 8-Course Dinner Degustation Menu - $228++ for two guests with three glasses of wine pairing each

Gordon Grill Goodwood Park Hotel 22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221 Tel: +65 6737 7411

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