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Get your pick-me-up at MAXX Coffee!

At the west end of Singapore, a popular Indonesian coffee franchise MAXX Coffee unveils its first international outpost at JEM! Despite the ongoing situation, the welcoming social space (with adequate social distancing measures, of course) that MAXX Coffee offers in its newly launched chain may bring much comfort to a cuppa-joe seeker. You can even pair your coffee (or tea) with their selection of coffee and pastries.

MAXX Coffee affirms in using only single-origin grade 1 Arabica beans from renowned coffee regions such as Indonesia, Brazil and Colombia, which many coffee lovers adore. Coupled with their serene ambiance and friendly service, it’s not too surprising to find one catching up on a read while enjoying a brew or two on a weekend morning.

The Latte Freddo (SGD6.50) is a creamy concoction of espresso and hand-shaken cold milk – velvety yet not overtly dense. The artistic brown sugar-coated rim makes for a sweet sip but don't forget to grab a wet wipe for its condensation! Klepon Freddo (SGD6.50) is a smoother and sweeter ondeh-ondeh inspired latte with notes of gula melaka, coconut and pandan – a much preferred choice personally even for someone who takes his coffee black. I would highly recommend trying this if you can!

Their Oreo Cruffin and Bandung Cruffin (SGD4.20 each) were slightly too pasty and thick for my liking, but it does make for a sweet treat to start your morning. I personally preferred the Bandung Cruffin’s filling as it is a little less gooey than its Oreo counterpart.

We suggest having this rather filling treat as a quick breakfast to-go for its condensed consistency, instead of having it as a dessert.

As a big fan of coffee, the Cold Brew Black with soy milk (SML – SGD4.90, MED – SGD5.50, MAXX – SGD6.00) is a must on the to-try list. There wasn’t much of sour notes we could taste but it definitely has an apparent astringent and bitter aftertaste, and if you prefer a strong and rough pick-me-up, this is for you.

And the best is saved for the last – the Tuna Mayo Croissant (SGD7.20) is as satisfying as it looks. The sweet tuna-mayonnaise combination with the light croissant crust served warm is definitely a delight and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We strongly recommend having this for a fulfilling lunch bite.

We did not manage to try the crowd-choice Lasagna Pie (SGD8.50), but feel free to try and let us know how it goes!

To entice you further, MAXX Coffee has an opening promotion 1-For-1 (limited time only) on all drinks and it is available for takeaway as well. Redemption is via a sign-up on their web-page at to receive their e-voucher!

Lunch set promotion, while it lasts!

Here are also some of the franchise merchandise available as well!

Overall, we appreciate the ambiance that MAXX Coffee has and would love to come by again on a chill morning with a cold glass of Klepon Freddo and Tuna Mayo Croissant to unwind. 

MAXX Coffee JEM 50 Jurong Gateway Rd  #01-34/35  Singapore 608549

Opening Hours: 8am – 11pm, Daily


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