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Entertainer Malaysia 2019

If you haven’t heard of the Entertainer App, you need to get on it immediately! I’ve been using the app for a few months now and have enjoyed plenty of offers. Plus, foodievstheworld has been an advocate for The Entertainer for years now! The Entertainer is basically an app with buy one get one free discount offers for different products including restaurants, retail, beauty and attractions.

Generally, I use it to get discounts at restaurants as it has more partners compared to other products. Some of my favourite partner restaurants include Morganfield’s, La Risata, Tonkatsu by Ma Maison and Ploy.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited to their 2019 launch party where I got to find out more about next year’s offers. They are currently offering an early bird promo for only RM95 (RRP- RM180) for a limited time.

They are also throwing in two free products- Cheers Malaysia (1 for 1 offers on drinks) and Bali products for when you travel! On top of that, you will also have access to Entertainer 2018 (just in time for the festive season). If you are only interested in drinks offers, you may opt for Entertainer Cheers Malaysia 2019. The early bird offer is only RM45 (RRP-RM95)! Also, if you run out of "deals" to use on your favourite restaurant, you can always top it up later on!

Here are some tips when using the app:

  1. Always check the offers list first

  2. Ask partners for 4 digit pin before service

  3. Go in a group of two or more and split the bill

So, if you love to dine out this is a great app to save money! All you have to do is download the app on IOS or Android App stores and pay the subscription fee for a whole year worth of savings. If you are still unsure about paying for the app, you can try it out for free and still be entitled to 2 discounts! After that, you'll definitely be convinced to buy it!

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