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Emporium Shokuhin, Marina Square

If you are an indecisive eater like myself, Emporium Shokuhin is definitely a place to consider when you are stumped, not knowing what to eat. Emporium Shokuhin is probably the only place in Singapore to always offer a series of amazing 1-for-1 deals. I was lucky enough to check out a piece of what some of the restaurants had to offer, and here are some of my thoughts.

Senmi Sushi

When I first tried this out I figured this would be the same type of sashimi you can find virtually everywhere in Singapore, but I really loved how fresh the fish was, almost like it was fresh from the water. From 20 over varieties to choose from and going at $4.50++ per plate, this 1-for-1 offer at Senmi Sushi is definitely worth checking out.

Gyuu+ Yakiniku Grill

Treat yourself to a series of buffet A5 Miyazaki Wagyu & USDA Prime Beef. It was amazing how the meat just melts in your mouth like butter, you really have to try for yourself to experience this. Indulge yourself for a good 90 minutes when you sign up for 1-for-1 buffet, going at only $98++ (Mon-Thu) / $108++ (Fri-Sun, Eve & day of PH).

Umi + Vino Seafood Wine Bar

While Emporium Shokuhin showcases their best offerings from Japan, you can find other alternatives such as Mains and Steaks below every Saturday and Sunday, starting at $22++. Again at 1-for-1, I know where I'll be heading to this weekend, and it doesn’t help to resist the temptation when a pint of beer is going at $4.90++ for each main/steak.

Shokuhin Emporium really is a food heaven if you are into seafood and meats sourced from Japan. Not forgetting that they have a supermarket right next to their restaurants where you can bring your own favourites home!

Emporium Shokuhin

6 Raffles Blvd,


Singapore 039594

Opening Hours:

Every day

10AM - 10:30PM

Tel: 6224 3433

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