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Durian Feast @ The Line, Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

My favourite season of the year is here -- the durian season, where the best of the best durians can be found just about anywhere. And until Wednesday 8 August 2018, we will be giving ONE lucky winner a $100 voucher to dine at The Line! Check out our Instagram page for details on how to win the voucher!

The Line in Shangri-La has undoubtedly been my go-to place for a scrumptious feast over the past couple of years, be it a gathering with family or friends. Its reputation of offering an extensive buffet spread, while maintaining the quality and standards of the dishes has never failed to disappoint. When I heard the durian spread will be added to The Line's extensive buffet, I was bracing myself for a treat.

To kick off my durian feast, I had the durian maki. I found this dish interesting as it was the combination of both red beans and durian flavours in one bite. As amazing as this dish was, don't go crazy and fill your tummy up with too much of this just yet! The rice here can be pretty filling and won't save you much space for more later on.

The durian mango salad had my tastebuds confused between the durian and spicy flavours. I particularly enjoyed this creation, who knew these two strong flavours could go well together in one bite.

Next, I had the durian fried rice, which is actually a Kelantanese delicacy. For those who are wary of the strong durian smell, rest assured there is only a subtle taste of durian at the end of every mouthful.

An interesting rendition of the famous Singaporean dish was the durian crab. I have to give credit to the chef who came up with this dish, though as a big fan of the king of fruit, I personally think the durian taste could be made a lot stronger. Nonetheless, I found myself licking the plate clean ensuring every drop of durian gravy was savoured.

Among the whole spread of food, the durian miso-glazed scallops was probably my favourite dish. Think of that creamy texture of "mentaiko" on top of the scallop but replaced with durian paste. I couldn't help but to go for seconds, thirds, and more...

I wasn't not sure if this was the end of my "main courses" or the start of my "desserts", the durian prata was a dish not to be missed. A hidden gem in the prata section, these fluffy pieces of prata resembled more of a "crepe" with small bits of durian in-between the layers. My suggestion would be to enjoy the prata on its own without a side of curry as the curry may overpower the durian flavour.

Finally moving onto desserts, I had the durian dome as well as the durian chiffon roll. The Line has done a good job with the dome and chiffon roll, however I would prefer a stronger presence of durian due to the generous amount of cream present.

The durian dome is a signature here at Shangri-La and can also be found in their afternoon tea set at the Lobby Lounge.

To end off my meal before heading to the durian stall, I had the durian pudding. Do not be fooled, these cups of durian pudding are probably the best durian inspired dessert I have every tasted in Singapore ever. I found the pudding not too sweet and complimented very well with the coconut flakes on top.

Hold your horses and don't fill yourselves up with too much food just yet! The durian station outside still awaits. Offering three durian varieties - Hong Xia, D21 and D24, guests are able to eat to their hearts' content. My personal favourite is the 'Red Prawn' also known as Hong Xia. The Line is very considerate in putting the durian stall outside so that guests who mind the smell do not have to put up with it inside. Wet wipes and plastic gloves are also provided outside for durian eaters. Other local fruits available at the durian station are mangosteens, longans and rambutans.

The dinner buffet is available from 17 July to 31 August 2018 except on Mondays from 6pm to 10pm. Durian lovers, do take this opportunity to eat to your heart's content!

Don't forget to try your luck in winning a $100 voucher to The Line in our Instagram page!

Durian and Local Fruits Buffet

Tuesday to Sunday, 7.30pm to 10pm

$58 ++ per adult

$28 ++ per child (6 to 11 years old)

Buffet Dinner, inclusive of Durian and Local Fruits Buffet

Wednesday and Sunday, 6pm to 10pm

$98 ++ per adult

$49 ++ per child (6 to 11 years old)

Friday and Saturday, 6pm to 10pm

$108 ++ per adult

$54 ++ per child (6 to 11 years old)

Tuesday and Thursday, 6pm to 10pm

$118 ++ per adult

$59 ++ per child (6 to 11 years old)

The Line, Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore

Address: Lower Lobby, Tower Wing

Opening Hours: Daily from 7.30am to 1am

22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350

+65 62134398

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