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New Dimsum & Peking Duck Set at Dragon Bowl

We’re back again at Dragon Bowl for the third time and once again, they have not failed to impress us with their culinary awesomeness.

This time, Dragon Bowl is introducing 7 new dimsum dishes, while also bringing back the 30% off on ALL DIM SUM!

And not just that, Dragon Bowl is bringing you their awesome Peking Duck Served 4 Ways ($98 for whole duck; $58 for half duck). Here’s how you know that none of the duck has gone to waste!

Let’s first take a look at the dimsum dishes.

First, we had the Steamed Crystal Prawn Roll ($4.80), filled with a colourful medley of ingredients all wrapped up in a clear wrap and steamed to a perfection. This dimsum comes with a sauce, which means you’ve got to eat it up quick or else the skin might turn soggy.

The Steamed Xiao Long Bao with Scallop ($5.80) is has a lighter flavour compared to your regular pork xiao long bao, which would carry a strong umami taste. Somehow, I felt as if the broth carried a tea-like taste, which was pleasantly refreshing.

Here’s a local twist to the traditional Chinese dimsum – Steamed Laksa “Cheong Fun” with Shrimp ($6.80). I absolutely loved this dish! The laksa broth was thick and the coconut milk made the broth that much more fragrant. This is definitely a must-try!

Next, we had the Steamed Sharks Fins Dumpling with Shrimp ($6.80). I honestly didn’t think this stood out much as the sharks fin meat didn’t value add to the dish, so it ended up tasting like regular shrimp dumplings (siew mai). But don’t get me wrong, it didn’t taste bad, but I just thought that it wasn’t as spectacular as the other dishes served.

This was one of my favourite dishes of the night – the Deep Fried Golden Prawn Ball ($5.80). Just take a look at all this marvellous beauty. Okay, I’ll admit that it was a bit messy to eat this. But I enjoyed every messy bite of it! I loved the crunchy bits that covered the prawn ball and the steaming hot prawn inside. This is something I’ll definitely come back to order again.

The Deep Fried Honey Chicken Spring Roll ($4.80) was also a favourite among the others in my table, taste-wise. But we all would have preferred if the spring roll wasn’t too long as the skin was really crispy and a little hard, so it was a little difficult for us to eat it. Nonetheless, everyone still complemented that it tasted really good.

Here’s another siew mai with a dash of posh. The Steamed Abalone Siew Mai ($7.90) is basically just a regular siew mai topped with a piece of abalone. A whole abalone piece. I’d say this is pretty much worth the price, and especially with the 30% off. And on to the duck.

I am personally a fan of Dragon Bowl and have been supporting them when they have first opened a few years back in Aperia.

Back then, they had the Peking duck set cooked three-ways. This time, they’ve added another dish into to set, giving four different duck dishes.

Of course, you’d have the traditional crispy duck skin and hoisin sauce wrapped in egg skin. This is my personal favourite part of having a Peking duck. Compared to many other places I’ve eaten, Dragon Bowl is on the top of my list to head to for Peking duck, as its skin is always super crispy and the other dishes cooked with other parts of the duck are also just as amazing.

The Diced Duck Meat with Special Sauce is the new duck dish introduced into the set. Wrapped with fresh lettuce, the succulent duck was paired with a special sesame-based sauce that left everyone on the table with smiles.

With the duck bones, Dragon Bowl has brewed a Double Boiled Salted Vegetable Duck Soup that was just hearty and oh-so comforting. It was a little spicy and prefect to warm down in the cold restaurant (their aircond is pretty cold)!

Lastly, you can choose to have the rest of the duck meat to be cooked in a plate of Fried Rice or Braised E Fu Noodles.

I personally preferred the Braised E Fu Noodles as it was more fragrant and had the charred wok hei taste, which is what I think every good plate of noodles cooked Cantonese style should have. Plus, the noodles came with some gravy, so it wasn’t as dry as the Fried Rice.

The Fried Rice, in my opinion, was not as flavourful. But if you’re going to order more dishes to eat, this would be good to pair with. I do also recommend you to try out some of the a la carte dishes Dragon Bowl has to offer.

For the past few years constantly going to Dragon Bowl, never once have they disappointed me. The food here isn’t just delicious, it also isn’t expensive, compared to most family Chinese restaurants. There is definitely no doubt that I’ll be here again feasting on whatever Dragon Bowl has to offer.

Don’t forget! Make your way down to Dragon Bowl, Marina Square for lunch to enjoy the 30% off all a la carte dimsum from today till 31 March; and Dragon Bowl, Aperia only during Saturdays and Sundays from today till 5 April! Don’t say we bojio!

Dragon Bowl, Marina Square 6 Raffles Blvd, #03-129A, Singapore 039594 Tel: +65 6858 1588

Dragon Bowl, Aperia 12 Kallang Ave, #02-09, Singapore 339509 Tel: +65 6702 1588

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