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Dim Sum and Wine Pairing @ Royal Canton

Dim sum and wine may not be first thing that comes to your mind when you think of wine pairings, but let me tell you, it works.

Royal Canton and Delia Wines made this harmonious match happen, and it was a truly indulgent experience. Who knew French wines tasted so good with Chinese cuisine?!

Every first Sunday of the month, Royal Canton will play host to an indulgent dim sum brunch paired with spectacular premium French wines priced at RM168++ per pax, from 11.30am to 3pm.

Seats are limited, so be sure to make reservations in advance.

Our first dish was a plate of two different prawn dumplings, the Prawn Spinach Dumpling and the Salad Prawn Dumpling. It was paired with Domaine des Poncetys - Saint Veran - Les Chailloux 2015 which is an organic chardonnay.

We were advised to have a sips of each wine before eating each dish, while eating each dish, and sips after you have finished each dish to experience the change in flavour of the wine. Between courses, diners should also cleanse their palette with some water.

Both the dumplings were delicious. The Prawn Spinach Dumpling and a thin delicate skin, while the Salad Prawn Dumpling and a deliciously crispy skin. The prawns in both dumplings were large and cooked well.

I loved how the flavour of the chardonnay paired with this dish changed quite noticeably in flavour while you were eating with dish. It was a lovely accompaniment.

The second dish was a Jellyfish Salad and Stuffed Fish Maw, paired with a lovely Chateau Ferthis - Cotes de Blaye - Sauvignon Blanc 2016.

The jellyfish was nicely seasoned, had a good texture and crunch. The stuffed fish maw was equally delicious with a clean taste.

This sauvignon blanc wine was my favourite wine served. It has a very strong passion fruit smell and flavour, and is a light wine that can be enjoyed with or without food.

I thought the fruity flavour paired well with the subtle flavours of the jellyfish and fish maw, I enjoyed this course immensely.

The next dish was the Pan Fried Radish and Siew Mai. It was paired with a Domaine de La Sangliere - Cote de Provence Lalonde - Rose 2016.

The rosé wine cuts through the richness of the radish. I liked that the radish was also not too oily like some pan fried radishes are. The siew mai was succulent with a thin skin wrapping.

I loved Royal Canton's Peking Duck and Crispy Duck Wrap. It was especially nice when paired with a glass of shiraz wine.

The peking duck was moist and succulent, while the crispy duck was flavourful and crispy. The duck was paired nicely with crunchy cucumber and spring onions. It was a cracker of a dish!

The wine was also paired will with the duck, it was a nice shiraz wine that is not full-bodied and not too dry.

The Fried Duck Noodles, with a side of Spare Rib with Cumin was one of my favourite dishes. I loved how springy the noodles were, and the flavour was phenomenal. I loved the pairing of duck, mushrooms and beansprouts - it was a great noodle dish.

The rib was so full of flavour and incredibly tender. I could eat a whole plate of it! It looks dry, but the flesh was succulent and tasty. I also loved the cumin flavour which gave it a pop in flavour.

The dish was paired with a Chateau Grand Baril - Montagne St-Emillion, Cuvee Prestige which is a blend cabernet sauvignon merlot. It was a very pleasant wine and surprisingly light. I normally don't drink red wine on its own, but I could very well enjoy this wine as a social drink.

For dessert, we were served Lotus Seed Paste Pancake and Double boiled Longan and Aloe Vera Soup. The pancake was light and fluffy. While, the soup had a variety of different textures. I especially loved the crunch of the white fungus.

The riesling it was served with - the Domaine Rolly Gassmann Riesling Reserve Millesime 2014 is a vintage wine from the east of France. It is a bit sweet, but not overly sweet. It paired very well with the sweet dessert dishes.

Overall, Royal Canton's indulgent dim sum brunch with wine pairing was an extraordinary experience. I thought the wines were perfectly chosen for each dish, and I enjoyed every one of them.

We managed to taste a variety of different wines, and the glasses poured were very generous for the price of the brunch. The food was just as delicious as the premium French wines!

If have never been to a wine pairing before, this is an affordable tasting that is value for money. I would recommend it!

Royal Canton

Address: Second Floor, DC Mall, Jalan Damanlela, Bukit Damansara

Tel: 03-2731 4628

Opening hours:

Weekdays from 11:30am-3pm; 6pm-10pm

Weekends from 10.30am-3pm; 6pm-10pm

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