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D9 Cakery @ Hilton Singapore, Orchard Road

Rejoice fellow cake lovers! The D9 Cakery in Hilton Singapore is introducing a range of new cakes and sweets that is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Before we move on to the food, let me tell you a little about the brains (and beauty) behind these amazing cake creations – Hilton’s executive pastry chef Cindy Khoo. We manged to have a chat with Chef Cindy and she said that she got the inspiration for her cake creations from the two cities closest to her heart (and creates some of the best desserts in the world) – Paris and Tokyo.

With this, expect a nice fusion between some western and eastern influences in her new cakes. The cakes costs about $10+ per slice, while a whole cake will set you from $78+ onwards.

We first tried the Pomme, an apple shaped dessert featuring green apple-infused whipped cream over a compote of crisp green apple, all encased in a thin candy case to maintain its shape. The green apples gave this cake a nice sour-ish twinge, while the whipped cream was rather light, making it a great and refreshing dessert for Singapore’s warm weather.

Another cake with a citrusy note was the Citron, which basically is a lemon meringue tart. This was one of my all-time favourite desserts here (and ever)! I personally love meringue, but more often than not, you’ll end up with an eggy aftertaste. Chef Cindy emphasised that she has perfected her recipe for this cake and has ensured no such aftertaste. And true enough, this tangy dessert was easy to eat and just amazing.

Here’s another fruity cake. The Fraise, with fresh strawberries, sponge cake and Chantilly cream, is basically a strawberry shortcake. But Chef Cindy has added her own touch to it, adding a layer of delicate Opalys white chocolate that was mixed with freeze dried strawberries.

The Belle was another favourite of mine that features a mint green pillow of crispy streusel – made from ground, lightly roasted pistachio – layered with fragrant bergamot crémeux and Bavarian coconut cream. I especially loved the crispy streusel and the bergamot and coconut cream combination was genius!

We also got to see how Chef Cindy glazes this cake. It was as if watching an artist creating a piece of magnificent artwork.

The Cassis Puffy was a rather unique dessert. It wasn’t so much of a cake per se, but an airy choux puff filled with rich cassis crémeux that pulls apart to reveal a Jivara milk chocolate-coated cassis marshmallow. This doesn’t have much of a cakey texture, but more a gooey and sticky marshmallow base. Perfect with a cup of hot chocolate!

The Ma-Chakura Azuki is a combination of the best of the best Japan has to offer. As the name of this cake suggests, it features matcha joconde sponge, matcha-infused mousse, with azuki beans in the middle and a beautiful sakura flower crémeux encasing it.

We also loved the Royal Hazel that features rich and super smooth Gianduja combined with premium Valrhona chocolate mixed between layers of crispy feuilletine. Also, check out the majestic gold chocolate top! Chef Cindy says that this was inspired by the Fontaines de la Concorde, two monumental fountains located in the Place de la Concorde at the heart of Paris.

The Forest is basically an elevated version of the usual Black Forest cake you’d get, but here at D9 Cakery, it’s made with h 70% dark Guanaja chocolate sponge topped with Kirsch-soaked Morello cherries and folded into a heaping of light French Chantilly cream.

Here’s another chocolatey cake the Paris Brest Hazelnut is a French classic, but Chef Cindy has given it a little of her magic touch in the form of a hazelnut praline and caramel whipped cream filling, topped with an intricate chocolate swirl perched jauntily on the side like a beret and finished with a sprinkling of gold powder.

And nine cakes later, we were not entirely done yet.

D9 Cakery still delighted us with their bonbons ($4+), which are made to look like coffee capsules! Don’t be fooled though, these bonbons are not to be put into a coffee machine! They feature either white or dark chocolate with very interesting fillings, such as Oolong-Caramel and espresso.

Not forgetting, a range of macarons ($4+) inspired by popular chocolate bar flavours.

D9 Cakery

Lobby Level,

Hilton Singapore

581 Orchard Road,

Singapore 238883

Tel: +65 6730 3392

Opening Hours:

9.30am to 9.30pm daily

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