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  • Samantha Chiew

d’Good Café, Holland Village

I know many people who live for weekend brunches. Even I myself do appreciate a fancy brunch every now and then and Holland Village seems to be one of the weekend brunch hotspots.

Unfortunately, it was during the odd super cold and rainy season in Singapore. So, looking for somewhere I could enjoy brunch without getting rain in my food or feeling too cold from the strong winds outside was a little bit of a challenge.

Thankfully, I found d’Good Café, a 2-storey café tucked in the corner of Holland Village. One of the great things I love about this place is there there’s both an indoor dining section, as well as an alfresco dining side on its rooftop. So I could pick my preferred spot depending on the weather.

The indoor area (The Lawn) on the second floor has large almost floor-to-ceiling windows that lets you soak in just enough sun and gives you a nice view of the outside. Plus, there are swings you can sit on!

On the third floor's indoor area, The Attic, you'd find a children's playpen where kids can also enjoy.

The outdoor area (The Balcony) would be the best place to enjoy your cuppa on a nice sunny day. Don't worry about soaking up to much sun! There're canopies around to give you some shelter.

We’ve previously been to the d’Good Café outlet in Ngee Ann City and this is such a different atmosphere!

d’Good Café breathes a warm and comforting atmosphere that’s perfect for a good catch up session with friends over some brunch and coffee.

And now, here’s my two cents on the food here.

First, we were served the Scrambled Eggs & Cheese Muffin ($8). This might sound super simple, and it very well might be, but can see myself coming back and ordering this over and over again. Firstly, the muffin buns were superb! And secondly, the sriracha mayo gave this simple dish a nice spicy kick. And third, the scrambled eggs were so fluffy! One of my favourite dishes here.

For those of you who are looking for something eggy too but more filling, check out the Egg Upon Egg (8/8) on Toast ($13.50). This one-of-a-kind egg dish is a poached egg wrapped in an omelette on top a toast! I just loved how I could have eggs done in two different ways in one dish and the honey baked ham totally complemented the dish.

Are you looking to come here for lunch instead?

Start off your lunch with a refreshing Cucumber & Sea Prawn Quinoa Salad ($11). I’m personally a fan of Quinoa, so I really enjoyed this salad. I also liked that the lemon vinaigrette dressing wasn’t overpowering, so I could enjoy each and every ingredient in the salad.

Here’s something good for sharing. The Surf & Turf Pizza ($16) comes served on a thin and crunchy crust. If I wasn’t saving space for more food to come, I would’ve easily finished the whole pizza. With the thin crust, the pizza was very easy to eat and enjoyable. I especially loved the fresh clams and squid, as well as spam as toppings.

If you’re here on an empty stomach and ready to devour, the Chef Alonzo Fried Rice ($14) is what I would recommend. This is another one of my favourite dishes. d’Good Café is definitely not stingy in serving this huge portion of fried rice packed with ingredients, such as bacon, fresh prawns and papaya. This dish was just slightly spicy for me, but it’s what I thought made it so much more enjoyable.

Dine in d’Good Café old-school style with their all-new Rice in a Tiffin dishes! That comes served in a colourful double tier tiffin carrier. The bottom tier contains a soup that accompanies the rice and dishes that are on the top tier.

We tried the Charred Iberico Secreto “Char Siew Style” ($17) and it immediately hit me a nostalgic “home cooked” feel. I enjoyed the simple fried egg and bok choy, but the superstar was the Iberico char siew which literally melted in my mouth. However, I’m not a big fan of pork dishes so I didn’t manage to eat much of this, but if pork is your thing, this is a must-try!

Next, we tried something with some Thai influences. The Homemade Lemongrass Chicken & Sauté Vegetables ($15) was my preferred one in d’Good Café’s Tiffin series. I absolutely loved how the chicken was nicely marinated with lemongrass and was so tender. Although the chicken was very flavourful, this dish did not lose its “home cooked” feel at all. Easily, one of my favourites too.

Don’t forget to end your meal with some of d’Good Café’s creative desserts, such as their skillet pancakes, which we have tried previously in their Ngee Ann City outlet, or their one-of-a-kind cakes that you can never find elsewhere!

d’Good Café introduced last month a newcomer to their dessert family – the Little Nyonya ($8 per slice). Think: Thick gula melaka drizzled all over a pandan sponge cake with sweet pulut hitam (black glutinous rice) layer in between them. This is just a perfect marriage between local sweet flavours!

Whether you’re looking for some brunch grub or some comforting home cooked food, d’Good Café has them all!

D’Good Café 273 Holland Ave #02-01/02, 278992 Singapore Tel: +65 6219 9807

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