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Crosstown Doughnuts, Shoreditch, London

Photo by Samad | Interior of Crosstown Doughnuts! While in London, you can often find me venturing out through the quaint, busy and very hipster streets of Shoreditch, discovering street art while nibbling on a trendy piece of pastry made famous by Instagram. This time, my cravings directed me towards doughtnuts and luckily for me, Shoreditch delivered. Along London's most hipster street, Brick Lane, you'll find Crosstown Doughnuts inconspicuously located next to other funky cafes and boutiques.

Photo by Samad | I love the lights and artwork

Photo by Samad | Peanut Butter and Jelly doughnut!

I told myself that I wasn't about to be frugal with my spendings that day. I openly accepted and expected the fact that these Shoreditch doughnuts will cost me and my wallet an unreasonable amount of money and that I'd have to turn a blind eye while swiping my poor contactless card, but hey, I love food. Whatever. In total for a box of 6 premium doughnuts to take home, one premium doughnut and a cup of caffe latte to have in store, I, with a bit of reluctance, paid £23.50 for everything. THIS WAS A HELLA EXPENSIVE CRAVING. But I must say that I did enjoy the doughnuts. I chilled in the cafe for a bit to enjoy my premium Peanut Butter and Jelly doughnut (£3.50) and coffee (£2.00), while staying dry from the miserable rain outside. This doughnut was scrumptious! The doughnut dough itself is a little bit on the heavier, bread-like side and not at all cakey, which I don't mind. It was filled with a sweet-sour raspberry jam and topped off with sweet peanut icing and salty peanuts. I loved the shameless mixture of flavours! And I really liked that it was quite savoury too. Nothing worse than sugary food making you feel sick right? This one was probably one of my favourite from the lot and it was my first doughnut from Crosstown so it was a great start!

Photo by Samad | Caffe latte (£2.00)

Also, usually when I go to a place that's not primarily coffee dominant, I don't expect to receive a good creamy cup of coffee. However, much to my gratification, the ladies who prepared my caffe latte made a pleasant cup for me. After my brief break, I merrily took my box of doughnuts home afterwards to do a taste test.

Photo by Samad | Behold! My box of treasures (£18.00)!

Photo by Samad | Vanilla Glazed Ring This is their normal glazed doughtnut with vanilla as the main flavour. If you want something simple, then definitely go for this! It's a good glazed doughnut. The only differentiation that I can make about this one is that it's definitely more full, bigger and more intense in vanilla flavour, as compared to the Krispy Kreme glazed doughnut.

Photo by Samad | Banana Cream I LOVED this doughnut! This Banana Cream is fluffy, chocolate-y and is filled with sugary and silky banana cream custard. it's topped off with a generous amount of sea salt caramel, which I thought made the whole doughnut super interesting, because it was pretty salty, but together with the banana custard filling, made an interesting pairing and one that tickles both sweet and savoury palettes!

Photo by Samad | Blood Orange and Pistachio

This one was my least favourite doughnut out of all, unfortunately. The dough is made with beetroot and it's topped off with an orange glaze and crushed pistachio. I'm not too sure why I'm not a fan of this ... maybe because the beetroot flavour wasn't necessarily as evident as I expected it to be. It really didn't stand out as much as the other doughnuts.

Photo by Samad | Vegan Chocolate Truffle

This vegan wonder was so rich and delicious, I was in love! It's a doughnut made with vegan sourdough and coated with a dark chocolate ganache! It also has dark chocolate truffle filling, so it's basically an upgraded version, level 900 of a chocolate doughnut. LOVED IT. And it's vegan so ... it's healthy (or healthier) ... right?

Photo by Samad | Matcha Tea

Following the trend of matcha that's sweeping London off it's feet, you will be glad to know that Crosstown also has their version of Matcha Tea in a form of doughnut. The matcha is incorporated into their signature Tongan vanilla bean glaze to create a very unique flavour. This glaze is then smothered on top of a matcha cake dough ring! But that's not all, this doughnut also has a filling of matcha and white chocolate ganache! Matcha fanatics, this one is definitely for you.

Photo by Samad | Vegan Tropical and Coconut

And last but not least, this Vegan Tropical Coconut doughnut, made with vegan sourdough; a glaze made of pineapple; a centre filled with yummy papaya and orange compote; and topped off with crunchy toasted coconut shavings. I have to be honest, this one did remind me of tropical juices very much. The pineapple and papaya flavours in this doughnut are pretty strong!

Overall, I liked Crosstown Doughnuts and I'd say they're a little bit expensive, but I reckon if you're buying a box for your team at work, your family or your group of friends, then it's not too bad. It's probably expensive for me because I'm only one person buying 7 doughnuts (like the glutton I am). I'd highly recommend it if you're looking to soothe those sweet tooth cravings! Hit them up!

Crosstown Doughnuts

157 Brick Lane, E1 6SB Website:

Telephone: 020 7729 3417


Opening Hours:

Mon-Wed 08:00-21:00

Thu 08:00-22:00

Fri 08:00-23:00

Sat 09:00-23:00

Sun 09:00-20:00 or until sold out.


Twitter: Instagram:

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