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Crema de Mangga’s Dessert Floats

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

Pavittra, the woman behind Crèma de Mangga, is a homebaker in KL who has re-imagined the classic tiramisu and taken a fresh new approach turning them into unique floats. They are made using fresh and halal quality ingredients, resulting in an eggless dessert with no added preservatives.

Layered with cream, freshly sliced mango and crackers, the Mango Float (RM 15 per tub) is light and refreshing on a hot summer’s day. The level of sweetness is just right with a hint vanilla, bearing in mind I do have a sweet tooth. One tub is certainly not enough to share with the family at home!

Next up is the Caramel Float (RM 17 per tub) made with a homemade caramel sauce, layered with crackers and cream. This float is nut free and much sweeter than the mango flavour, perfect for those craving something with an extra punch.

I enjoyed both desserts as they each have their own taste profiles and levels of sweetness; hence it depends on your palate and what you are craving for. This is perfect for the MCO lockdown, something to cheer your week up!

Pre-order your desserts 2 days in advance via WhatsApp (+6017-2573532) and check out their profile on Instagram @crema_de_mangga for more information. Bulk orders for special occasions are also available upon request. Free delivery is available for certain locations in KL. Self –pickup and delivery charges are applicable depending on the area.

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