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Craft Cafe, Bangkok

Nestled under the Phra Khanong BTS stop lies a hidden gem by the name of Craft Cafe - a modern fusion restaurant where East (local Thai delicacies) meets West (coffee, cakes, eggs, breakfast and etc) in perfect harmony.

The cafe exudes a warm and inviting ambiance with plenty of design details for art lovers and hipsters alike in Bangkok.

The theme is anchored around timeless and classic design elements that were found everywhere within the shop. I love this cool shelf that serves a dual-purpose of displaying fine China and showcasing their cake selection for their customers. Loving that nostalgic feel!

After a long day braving Bangkok's searing hot weather, we cooled ourselves down with a nice cup of Nom Yen, one of Craft Cafe's signature drinks. Nom Yen is basically fresh milk that is mixed with red syrup to give it that nice pinkish hue - much like our sirap bandung. Their version is slightly different as it's served as a frappe / ice-blended instead of the typical iced ones.

Being a coffee lover, I couldn't resist trying out their Iced Caramel Macchiato. You can't really go wrong with a drink that combines both the bitter note of coffee beans and sweet note of the caramel syrup. Just perfect.

Craft Cafe's Asian roots are evident in its food. We start off with the Pork Pan, a dish that is easily my favourite of the lot. If you love spicy foods, this is the dish for you. Imagine having pan-fried minced pork with dried chilli and a side of fried eggs and vegetables. The minced pork is perfectly seasoned and has a slight hint of lemongrass giving it a distinct Thai taste.

The Curry Noodles is made up of a combination of crispy thin noodles and soft flat rice noodles. The curry itself has a sweet after taste as it uses the classic Thai herbs typically found in dishes such as Tom Yum. Spiciness is kept at a moderate level to accommodate Westerners or people who generally can't eat foods that are overly spicy.

We also got to try a fried squid dish that seemed like quite an uncommon one. The texture of the squid was slightly hard to chew, however the combination of its ingredients and flavours more than made up for it.

The Penang Curry pays homage to the eponymous little island in Malaysia famous for it's street food offerings. However, Craft Cafe puts their own spin to it, making the curry tremendously buttery and creamy, similar to the ones you find in Northern Indian cuisine.

The dish is best paired with the warm flatbread or roti that is served together. Do drop Craft Cafe for an amazing experience of Thai food with a twist.

Craft Cafe

Phra Khanong BTS, Exit 3 (cafe is right under the BTS)

Sukhumvit, Bangok Open daily 8:00AM-8:30PM

Contact: +66020631403

IG: @craft_cafe_bangkok


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