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  • Nicole Voon

Mama J's confinement food for mummies

A recently launched confinement food supplier has really caught our attention, so we'd like to share more to all the soon-to-be mummies & mummies out there.

Mama J's Confinement Food SG (@confinementfoodsg) has a variety of confinement food dishes in which all the dishes are packed with nutrients and sufficient for mummies to recover from giving birth.

A little fact about Mama J's confinement food SG;  Mama J is a retired nanny and babysitter with more than 20 years of experience! All mummies that have gone through her 1-on-1 confinement period emerged healthier and said it was a stress-free 30 days for them.

Mama J makes her own rice wine (takes ONE month to ferment before using!) which is more fragrant than the store bought kind.

Why and how they caught our attention is how Mama J is not just a food supplier, but their services are on point too.

1. If you are a new mummy, they provide a 1 on 1 consultation on what to do during the pregnancy and confinement.

2. They only take in a maximum of 4 mummies at a single time. Reason is because all the food is customised to the mummy's needs. Therefore they will not cook in large batches to ensure the food prepared is of high quality.

3. In their Full confinement Package, there are so many freebies !

Complementary items like:

  1.  Free 250g Homemade Roasted Rice tea (worth $160!) and 8 days worth of Red dates longan tea (5 different herbs and ingredients ) to consume as a replacement for plain water during confinement. They use quality brown rice which costs more than the norm. Each roasting takes around 3 to 4 hours of continuous roasting without rest, all for mummies health!

b.  Herbal Hair wash for the 12th and 30th day will be provided for those that are following the tradition.

c.  Free 1 x full month cake, 10 x Red Eggs & 10 x Ang Ku Kueh for your little one’s full month party. 

d. Discounted Pastries and lactation cookies if required! (Their food will help in lactating already so don't worry!)

So mummies, if you're planning your confinement period, check them out or try out their trial meals first!

Instagram : @confinementfoodsg Website :

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