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Common Chefs Bistro, Sembawang

Guilty pleasures are one too many to count, yet we often indulge. Enter Common Chefs Bistro, one place that might soon be your go-to to indulge in your guilty pleasures. Situated in the north, Common Chefs has been around for one and a half years, offering satisfaction at reasonable prices with no strings attached (Read: No GST!).

We were offered a plethora of drinks from their 'Specialty Sodas' section, but the one that had us slurping away was the Frutti Fizz ($5 nett), a raspberry-lychee-orange concoction with hints of mojito mint. The flavourful beverage is a great in sweltering Singapore. We also had the rest of the other Specialty Sodas but we won't spoil it for you! Let's just say we were definitely not disappointed with their selection, just don’t forget to stir well before indulging in the mocktails.

Whetting our appetite with their chef's recommendation, the Truffle Tater Tots ($8 for small, $14 for large)was definitely a pleaser! We especially liked how crisp it remained for almost the entire night! The ever-welcome scent of truffle oil and parmesan cheese were well received and their truffle mayo dip served only to celebrate the symphony on our taste buds. Definitely an encore on this guilty pleasure!

It doesn't matter if you're not a fan of your boss, you would soon be a fan of Common Chefs' "The Boss" burger ($19 nett for beef, $18 nett for chicken).Their peppercorn beef patty can be crumbly and savoury, and the huge portions may also be difficult for one to conquer. Served with a helping of crispy fries, it would probably be wise for two to share. Don't hesitate to dig in as soon as it arrives, as it would dry out if left for too long.

We were introduced to their Soul Food ($12 nett), light crisp waffles paired with Asian marinated fried chicken cutlet – Filipino styled. If you're a fan of sweet over savoury dishes, you can consider having this fusion dish but personally, it's not our top choice, though we have to give props for its creative combination. A decadent tip: you might want to go easy with the syrup for it might get too cloying.

Cheese fans rejoice, as Common Chefs' Shepherd's Pie ($15 nett) is filled with dense oozy-gooey cheese goodness on the top! Layered with mashed potato puree and minced pork, it has to be one of the most sinful delights Common Chefs have to offer. The layered sensations were smooth, and the marinated minced pork has peppercorn bits to deliver the kick with each spoonful. Likewise, it would be best consumed when served hot, otherwise the gooey cheese layer will settle over time.

If the above selections have yet to make you salivate, I'm sure their spicy Aglio Olio with Shrimps ($14 nett) will. Be warned! This pasta comes pretty spicy and is tossed in their appetising housemade garlic oil, chili padi and chili flakes. But if you're not feeling adventurous, you could request for it to be toned down.

When you can't decide between having waffles or pizza, the latest addition to their menu, the "Wazza" is a must try! An ingenious fusion dish that Common Chefs had cooked up, is a no-brainer choice for the curious. We had the Okonomiyaki ($12 nett), a Japanese-inspired buttermilk "Wazza" that is topped with generous amounts of bonito flakes and tonkatsu sauce! The tuna flakes were soft and went well with the uniquely sweet dish. It was unexpected that I could hardly taste the mozzarella within. In my honest opinion, it exceeded all expectations of the curious dish and I would not hesitate to be back again just for this. Although it might not be easily accessible, there was surprisingly a steady stream of customers even on a midday evening, which speaks volume of what Common Chefs have to offer. We were told that it gets especially crowded on Friday nights and weekends, so do take note when bringing your date over as the wait might be long. A must-visit on your cheat day, doors to affordable guilty pleasures are opened except on Mondays!

Common Chefs Bistro & Café 8 Jalan Legundi #01-13 S(759274) Tel: 6659 1208 Email: Opening Hours: Weekdays: 12pm- 10pm, Closed on Mondays Weekends: 11.30am - 10pm

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