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Code Black Coffeehouse, Kajang

When you think of Kajang, you might immediately think of satay. After all, it is our state’s famous satay city. But the town is starting to welcome new food places into its repertoire.

Code Black Coffeehouse is one of the latest offerings to make its way there. It’s barely been a month but the coffee house is already a go-to spot for many Kajang residents.

We got to sample some of their best-selling dishes and drinks. Though this cafe is still fairly new, they seem to have the homemade flavours in their pastas down pat.

code black coffeehouse kajang

The coffees here are pretty standard, except that they offer flavoured lattes like one of my favourites - the rose latte. I love it when cafes are able to execute flavoured lattes without the flavouring overpowering the actual coffee and Code Black does this beautifully.

code black coffeehouse kajang

We start our brunch meal with a carbonara cream pasta (RM12.90). This is a really cheesy pasta so if you’re into something really filling, this will do the trick. It was slightly under salted but still delicious.

code black coffeehouse kajang

Next, we tried the chicken bolognese. Now, I’ve never tried a chicken bolognese that was worth a second mouthful. I’m a traditionalist who still enjoys my beef bolognese. But this chicken bolognese proved its worth. The sauce was thick and flavourful. It was hearty and each bite had me wanting more.

code black coffeehouse kajang

Code Black Coffeehouse also offers pastries. We sampled the firecracker sausage pastry as well as the rendang puff. Both pastors were delicious. If you’re into local flavours, the rendang puff is a must-try.

code black coffeehouse kajang

We also got to try the Mac and cheese. Code Black’s version really reminded us of KFC’s cheezy wedges for some reason and because of that, we really loved it! It was packed with flavour and the right amount of cheesiness everyone looks for in a Mac and cheese dish.

code black coffeehouse kajang

Code Black has a wide selection of cakes for you to choose from. Some of their best sellers include the coconut crepe cake and strawberry cheesecake. The coconut crepe cake was light and airy, while the cheesecake was the perfect contrast of dense and thick. I definitely preferred the coconut crepe cake, which was not too sweet and was an easy finish.

code black coffeehouse kajang
code black coffeehouse kajang

Muffins are also available here if you still want to snack. Though we didn’t get to sample it, we believe it would pair well with the coffee or tea they have here.

code black coffeehouse kajang

We ended the meal with a chai latte which was beautifully spiced and mixed. Definitely another must try here at Code Black.

code black coffeehouse kajang

Overall the experience was enjoyable and we’re certain that this neighbourhood cafe will be able to capture the hearts of residents nearby.

Code Black Coffeehouse

Jalan Changkat,

Bandar Kajang

Open daily from 10AM-11PM

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