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Coastes, Sentosa Singapore

Conveniently located on the main walkway leading into Sentosa from the monorail, Coastes is in a prime location for sun-seekers and water sport lovers to grab some food before continuing on with the day's activities.

With its own little corner of the beach for you to enjoy the superb seaside view, Coastes also offers a variety of tantalizing foods, from sanwiches to snacks to ribs and even classic burgers.

The first dish we got to experience was the Baked Portobello & Arugula Ciabatta ($16). Although not a fan of arugula, it surprisingly did not overpower the sandwich the way this bitter vegetable normally does. If you're looking for something on the healthier side to try, this would be your dish. It would support your semi-clean diet with its delectably yummy bread (possibly the only sin in this dish!), mushrooms and peppers within.

Second up was the Corned Beef Ciabatta ($16). Get your appetite ready to devour this meaty sandwich because it's a sizeable one! The corned beef held an appropriate amount of flavour - neither too strong nor too salty and is served with a side of fries.

The Coastes Seafood Platter ($52) is a tempting order. You will be treated to fried calamari, crab salad, fish stew, chilli clams, cold prawns and cray fish. The overall dish is gorgeous to look at, however, proved to have some hits and misses for me.

The batter on the squid was crispy and tasty, but the squid itself turned out a bit tough. But the crab salad and fish stew were rather underwhelming. The other three however, more than made up for the two and turned out pretty incredible. The chilli clams, although not very spicy, were great and fresh. The cold prawns was intensely flavoured with pineapple, making it both unique and refreshing. But it was the pan-fried cray fish that stole the show. Fresh, firm, and well-cooked.

If seafood isn't really your thing, don't despair. Coastes also serves some pretty killer meat dishes. The Bourbon-Glazed Pork Ribs ($20 for half slab, $30 for the full), were tender, falling off the bone when we picked it up. You'll find that the flavour of dish comes mainly from the sauce.

Coastes also has fusion dishes like their Green Curry Chicken Spaghetti ($24). The overall flavour was a little odd for my liking and possibly had too much peppers in it. A little experimentation with fusion dishes is admirable but can be risky. I think this dish would have been better without straying too far from the original green curry flavours.

I believe the pastas here have a long way to go, as the Spicy Penne Arrabiatta ($22), was nothing to really shout about. it's a good comfort dish for those who don't want to be too adventurous, which would be a shame since there is a lot more on the menu that is worth trying.

Like for example, the seafood risotto. The Seafood Risotto ($32) is probably the best dish we tried at Coastes. Simply because its flavours are rich in every bite, the consistency was just right and the seafood was cooked perfectly. It was truly great. If it is one dish we would travel all the way here for, it is this one.

As for the desserts, we got to experience the Salted Caramel Brownie (above, $14) and the Banana & Chocolate Pie (below, $14). I really enjoyed the brownie, not overwhelmingly sweet and really good with the ice cream on top. This is an easy favourite for many.

The pie however, left more to be desired. The cream to base ratio not even enough that the flavours turned out unbalanced. But it does make for a really pretty photograph, I'll have to admit!

Coastes @ Sentosa 50 Siloso Beach Walk

01-06, Singapore 099000

Open Sun-Thurs 9AM-11PM Fri-Sat 9AM-1AM +65 6631 8938

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