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City Hot Pot @ One Raffles Place

Imagine enjoying a hearty hotpot meal while basking in the beautiful sunset view at Singapore's Central Business District (CBD). That's what you can expect at City Hot Pot Shabu Shabu.

I haven't visited many hotpot restaurants around Singapore so I had no expectations stepping into City Hot Pot.

As we got the City Hot Pot, the friendly wait staff recommend the Set B ($60.99) for us to try. It's a steal and more than enough food for 2. After we've gotten your choice of meat and carbs settled, it's time to make a decision for the most important part of eating hotpot -- the soup base. I chose the Sichuan Spicy Soup and Fish Soup with Milk flavours, while my plus one chose to try City Hot Pot's basic chicken and fish soup flavours.

Even before the dishes arrived, our hungry selves made sure to start heating up the soup, so that we would be able to cook them immediately.

I first tried the Wagyu Chuck Eye Roll, which was beautifully presented. The beef cooked exceptionally fast, as the meat was rather thin. So, watch your meat as it's cooking or you'd end up overcooking this gorgeous meat slice.

Cook it right, and you'd get a smooth melt-in-your-mouth texture. And because it was so easy to eat, I felt that one plate was not enough.

Next, I tried the pork collar. Unfortunately, I had some difficulties pulling apart the pieces of meat as they were frozen and stuck to each other. Overall, this was more lean compared to the beef and I thought it paired will the sauce I mixed.

As with most hot pot places, there's always a "sauce counter", where a tonne of different sauces and condiments are displayed for you to create your own preferred sauce. So, don't forget to get your sauces ready, because I forgot to grab mine till halfway through my meal.

The set we chose also came with some seafood -- prawns, fish slices and prawn paste.

My favourite was the prawn paste, which I thought was rather tasty and was much less salty compared to other hot pot restaurants I've been to. I also loved that the prawns were deshelled and the fish slices were completely de-boned.

Although I have been making a conscious effort to avoid processed food, I could not resist the crab sticks and luncheon meat that also came with the set. I had no regrets as they went so well after a one-minute dip in my Si Chuan Spicy Soup.

As hot pot routines go, cook the vegetables and carbs at the end.

The set comes with a generous serving of assorted vegetables and mushrooms, such as black fungus, enoki and shiitake mushrooms.

And after the soup has soaked up the flavours of the meat and vegetables we have cooked in it, it's now time to cook the noodles. We chose the Tung Hoon and Mee Sua, but alas were not able to finish them. Learn for our mistake, and properly pace yourselves! Or else, get a smaller set.

As our dinner came to an end, I was already thinking about my next trip here. I especially loved how the sets here are a bang for my buck and of course, the beautiful ambiance here.

Don't forget to make your table reservations via Quandoo here!

City Hot Pot

One Raffles Place,


Singapore 048616

Opening Hours:

Monday - Sunday, 11.30am - 3pm for lunch; 5 - 10 pm for dinner

Telephone: 6536 2185

Reservations can be made via

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