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The Clueless Bride: Choosing Your Wedding Cake

I am not a huge cake person. But I suppose when you're a foodfluencer, you have to "show face" and actually put some effort into getting THE BEST DAMN CAKE ever for your wedding, right?

So, again, I am SUPER blessed because my aunt runs one of the best cakeries in town - Little Collins KL!

Of course, all bias aside, I do think the cakes from Little Collins are beautiful and I can see that I am not the only one who thinks so!

Heck, if the Johor Royalty can order cakes from Little Collins, they must be doing something right.

Like I said, I am super blessed. <3

When ordering your wedding cake, here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

1. What is your budget Don't expect to order a 3-5 tier cake for RM500 or less, especially since wedding cakes are typically custom-made! You need to set a realistic budget for your wedding cake! If you're going to order an elaborate 5-tier cake with bells, whistles and unicorn farts, it's going to cost you LOTS. Personally, I am going for something really really simple. It's literally going to be a 5-tiered white cake with leaves. You can expect to pay north of RM2000 for a decent wedding cake to feed your guests - this is the truth.

2. What is the theme

little collins kl

Pick your theme, pick some colours, then meet up with your cake designer to come up with a concept you're happy with. If you have sample pictures, be sure to bring them or Whatsapp them over to your designer. Always remember, your designer is NOT a mind reader. Be specific with what you want to avoid disappointment.

3. Buttercream or fondant

This is another determinant of the price when it comes to wedding cakes. Buttercream cakes are cheaper while fondant cakes typically cost more.

4. What flavour do you want

Don't go to your cakery and ask for a flavour they have never heard before or is not part of their existing catalogue of flavours - this will cost more. Little Collins KL has a really cool tasting box you can buy to taste all the various flavours they have!

5. How much of the cake will be real vs fake

You don't really need to get a 5-tier cake (which typically feeds up to 200 pax) if you're not having that many guests at the wedding. Most wedding cakes that tower over 12 tiers are FAKE. So decide how much of the cake you want to be real vs fake. This also affects its price.

6. Are you ordering too much cake?

It is important to meet with your cake designer or cakery to determine how much real cake is needed to feed the guests. The last thing you want is to waste the perfectly good wedding cake or be left over with enough cake to last your entire marriage.

7. Will you have a dessert table too?

If you're going to be having a dessert table on top of the cake, then you don't need to have that much real cake to serve guests. Not every guest will eat the cake and some might opt to go for the yummy treats on the dessert table instead.

8. When is the wedding?

For goodness sakes, if your wedding is coming up, put in the order for your cake as soon as possible! Good cakeries are often booked out for months in advance, with waitlists that snake around the block. Don't wait till the very last second to book your cake. Get your order in early. Get the cake tasting done early too. If you have a drastic change in guests coming, make sure to increase the cake quantity accordingly closer to the date too.

9. Where will the wedding be?

If you're having an out-of-state wedding, ensure the cakery does delivery to your venue. Do bear in mind that with certain decorations, especially with buttercream, it might not be able to withstand the weather or journey. Listen to the advice given by the cake designer and you should be fine!

All images credited to Little Collins KL.

Till the next time,

The Clueless Bride.

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