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The Clueless Bride: Hairstylists

First of all, do ya'll know how much it costs to hire a hairstylist in Malaysia for your wedding?

Let me just break your little fantasy bubble if you think it's going to be cheap. When I first started looking for hairstylists, I naturally asked my makeup artist (and beautiful bridesmaid) Joy Chong for a recommendation.

She recommended a few she works with for weddings. And omg, ugaiz. Each hairstyle costs about RM400.

That's how much I spend on my car in a month. You cannot imagine my sheer shock at this.

"You mean I would have to pay RM800 for a hairstylist to do my hair for my morning church wedding and then the dinner?" I asked Joy incredulously.

Yup, she replied, deadpanned.

I mean, I shouldn't be surprised. But I was. I was surprised. You TRULY do not know how much things cost until you actually have to buy them.

(Take Tim, for example, who thought renovating our kitchen - including buying appliances - can be done under RM10k and was astonished when I had budgeted double for it...)

'Tis an expensive, material world we live in, indeed.

But regardless, I wasn't about to do my own hair nor was I going to make any of my bridesmaids/friends do it for me.

So I told Joy, I don't care, just pick someone and I'll just have to cough up the money for it. (It took weeks of negotiation with Tim to get him to agree to it, but I finally managed to convince him of its value - of which I myself am still slightly skeptical.)

That brings me to my next talking point: UPDO OR NOT.

I have never liked having my hair up, for the obvious reason of not actually having a jawline or any kind. So obviously I wanted my hair to be down.

This, apparently, made things easier for Joy when hunting for the perfect hairstylist for me.

What I have learnt through planning for this wedding is that one thing is for sure - you definitely can get a lot of things done faster when you already have an idea of what you want.

If you're a bride-to-be, keep that little nugget of information in mind. At least have a rough idea of what you want, it'll narrow down your search and help find someone within your budget a lot easier.

Also it helps if you're not the kind who wants tiaras, pearls weaved into your hair and all that jazz.

Till the next time,

The Clueless Bride.


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