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Chicken Up, Subang Jaya

Before you make a trip to Chicken Up, you should know this: it is hugely popular! So you'll have to get there early to get a table and if you're dining in a big group, be sure to make a reservation.

Chicken Up is a great addition to Subang's already-thriving and diverse food scene. It's in a strategic location, which might be a contributing factor to its crowds but beyond that, I believe its pull lies in the food.

The best way to enjoy the food here at Chicken Up is to come with at least 3 other friends! It's not one of those places that couples should dine at alone because you'll want to try everything on the menu and it is best shared among friends and loved ones.

The first thing we tried was of course, the snow squid topokki (RM68). This is perfect for four to share as the portion is big enough. The snow squid is battered then deep fried before being put in the pool of spicy sauce and rice cakes. On the side, you'll find sweet grilled corn, a small melting cheese pot (the middle compartment) and a huge portion of egg (ready to be cooked once the fire is on).

This dish was just the right kind of spicy - the kind that still retains taste well yet gives your tastebuds a little tingle. The cheese was a little watery - we were told that they add in a bit of milk to give it that creamy texture. But overall, it was a great sharing dish.

We also had an order of bulgogi fries (RM26). This was one of the best dishes of the night. We enjoyed the thinly sliced beef, coating a small mountain of fries, topped off with some Japanese mayonnaise and raw onions.

We also got to try the Ugly Tang (RM38). This is a milder option to have over the rest of their flavoursome menu. The clear broth is a comfort food that is good to have on a rainy day.

One of the things I love the most when dining at Korean restaurants is when they give their pancakes as one of those "free" side dishes. This restaurant doesn't have the side dish thing going for it but order the pancake on the side - you won't regret it! The pajeon (RM26) is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and this one happens to be filled with plenty of ingredients.

Of course, why most people come over to Chicken Up is to taste their fried chicken. The Crispy signature wings (RM18 for 4 pieces) is a crunchy, moreish dish that'll have you reaching for more.

Another fried favourite of ours was the Yangpa Bomb (RM18). This is an onion bomb! Pick off deep fried onion petals from the onion bulb and dip into their special sauces. If you're an onion fan, you'll love this dish for sure.

We tried another one of Chicken Up's chicken dishes - their Spicy Up (RM28). The chicken is marinated for 12 hours so you know the flavour has seeped well into the meat and each bite packs a punch!

Speaking of punch... we were recommended their watermelon soju cocktail (RM48) to try. A whole bottle of soju goes into this but it makes the perfect thirst quencher if you're having the spicy chicken!

Chicken Up also serves really interesting smoothies and drinks in their bulb cups. But this fell short of our expectations. It makes for a pretty picture though!

Do check out Chicken Up for some awesome modern Korean fare.

Chicken Up 7, Jalan SS 15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya Open daily 11:30AM-10:30PM

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