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Sichuan-style poke bowl by Chengdu Bowl for delivery & takeaway

Think you can take the heat? Chengdu Restaurant has introduced a new concept – Chengdu Bowl – that serves up its own rendition of the quintessential spicy Sichuan food. These are conveniently packed in individual portions with over 10 innovative selections of Chengdu Bowls starting from $10.60.

Chengdu Bowl offers a healthier alternative to customers while retaining the hot-fiery ‘mala’ that Sichuan cuisine is known for. The bountiful options include different types of meat options with different bases to choose from.

We had the opportunity to taste three bowls with rice bases such as the Chicken with Chilli Mala Bowl 成都辣子鸡 (Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90). The Chicken mala bowl consists of diced deep-fried chicken thigh, stir-fried with a dash of salad oil, dried chilli, and Sichuan peppercorn for a hint of bold, spicy kick.

Up next is the Chengdu Style Steamed Pork Belly Bowl 梅菜扣肉 (Small $10.6, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90) . The bowl is made up of marinated steamed pork belly, and is accompanied with preserved vegetables that packs a punch of umami flavours.

The last rice based dish we had was the Fatty Beef Mala Xiang Guo Bowl 肥牛香锅 (Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90) – Pieces of sliced beef strips are stir fried with a generous mix of condiments such as ginger, pickled pepper, dried chillies and Sichuan pepper, with a final touch of Chengdu Bowl's in-house Special Chilli Sauce.

Not a fan of rice? Chengdu Bowl offers noodle based bowls as well. On the left is Chengdu Bowl's Prawn Paste Noodles with Sour Pickled Soup 泡椒虾滑米线 (Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90) – Meticulously prepared with blended spices of pickled red chillies, pickled ginger, wild mountain pepper, bird eye chillies, garlic that is simmered altogether before adding in Chengdu Bowl's handmade prawn paste balls.

The Classic Sour Fish Rice Noodle 经典酸菜鱼米线(Small $10.60, Regular $12.80, Large $14.90) is not one to miss for those who love a little sourish tinge in their food. This Sichuan classic uses marinated slices of dory fish that is cooked under low-fire in amore-ish soup stock. The stock is then enhanced with a blend of chili and spices that are stir-fried, and finally drizzled over the cooked fish slices for a predominantly sour flavour, complemented with a hint of spice.

Spice up your meal with Chengdu Bowl's Sichuan Spicy Maocai 四川麻辣冒菜 ($13.80). This savoury stew comprises a secret in-house sauce that is brought to a boil until fragrant before adding mains such as fish, fatty beef, tripe. With that a myriad of Asian sides such as black fungus, spring sprouts, lotus root, potato, enoki mushroom and luncheon meat are added in to ensemble a classic Maocai stew. We definitely recommend having this dish with a bowl of plain rice to cut out some of the heat, as we found it to be too spicy to have it on its own.

Lastly, these Chengdu Bowls come with an array of freshly prepared and addictive sides for a balanced meal. Furthermore, you are able to have these fiery bowls at the comfort of your own home as these Chengdu Bowl is available via island-wide delivery and can be ordered through their website @, There is also a takeaway option available at Taikoo Lane Hotpot, located at 133 New Bridge Rd, B1-16 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413.

Operating hours : 10AM-8.30PM (Daily)

Website :,

Takeaway address: Taikoo Lane Hotpot, located at 133 New Bridge Rd, B1-16 Chinatown Point, Singapore 059413.

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