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Chengdu, Amoy Street

Say hello to the latest Sichuan joint in town – Chengdu Restaurant!

Located at the where several awesome food places are in the Telok Ayer area, Chengdu is introducing some of their quirky dishes that are sure to make you go “wow”!

To start, we tried the Chilli Beef with Sweet Corn Base ($24.80). When it first came, I couldn’t image that corn was turned into something so crispy. The corn base was super crunchy and went well with the tender beef.

The Pork Belly in Garlic ($12.80) may look simple, but it was amazing. I liked how every dish that came was plated very beautifully and made everything that much more appetising. This one in particular, reminded me of clothes hanging on a clothes line.

And back to the food. Don’t forget to catch both the meat and the slice of cucumber together and dip them in the chilli sauce. I really liked this because the meat didn’t have a super strong porky taste and the chilli dipping wasn’t way too spicy or numbing. Everything was just right.

Our next dish came sailing on a boat. Yes, it was literally on a boat.

The Spicy Grilled Frog Skewer ($29.80) is definitely worth it for the ‘Grams. Apart from the theatrics, the frog meat was super tender on the inside with a nice spicy crisp on the outside. But watch out for bones!

For those of you who are curious to try out mala, but don’t want to get yourself into something too numbingly spicy, try the Beef with Pickles in Sour Soup ($25.80). The numbing peppercorns can be found in this soup, but they’re not all that pronounced. So, just as long as you avoid biting into one, you’ll be safe.

This next dish that came left me puzzled. A huge rock on a plate was served.

After a few moments of confusion, the restaurant staff takes a hammer and starts beating on the rock. This could leave most even more confused. But you can start to see the outer layers breaking off, revealing something wrapped in an aluminium foil inside.

The Chengdu 12 Flavours Chicken or Beggar Chicken ($36.80) was not only entertaining, but it was so good and easily one of my favourite dishes among all that I tried. The chicken was so soft, tender and bursting with flavour. It was also served with 12 different condiments and sauces.

Apparently, the chicken is wrapped in lotus leaf, tin foil and covered with clay and placed in a special earthenware jar to be cooked. This sounds pretty complex and due to that, this dish is only available in limited quantities and needs to be ordered at least a day in advance.

Mala fans, this is the one for you! The Fish with Green Pepper Soup ($26.80) was rather numbingly spicy, but the fish was super fresh and tasty.

The fish in this dish uses live fish that is delivered daily and is only prepared upon order to ensure the freshness and tenderness of the fish meat.

We also tried the Chengdu Style Dumplings ($8.80), which were served in chilli oil! So do expect this to be spicy.

There's also the wanton version. The Spicy Wanton ($8.80) was just as spicy, but I preferred this as I felt that the fillings were tastier.

Just when I thought I was going to burst from all the food, in comes dessert.

By now, you would know that Chengdu prides itself in their food presentation. So, it’s no surprise that a huge ball was served at my table. The Giant Sesame Ball ($16.80) is HUGE, easily bigger than the size of my face. But make sure you don’t take too much time taking photos and videos of this, because it tends to lose its crisp after being left out for too long.

Next we tried the Pumpkin Pancake ($6.80). I’m personally not a fan of pumpkins, just because of its mushy consistency. But this dessert was rather chewy, or QQ as we like to call it. It has a mochi-like consistency and I loved that it wasn’t too sweet.

Speaking of QQ and chewy, this next dessert was even more so. The Brown Sugar Glutinous Rice Stick ($6.80) is basically a sticky rice cake that comes with a brown sugar dipping on the side. Simple right? But this tasted so good. The brown sugar was really fragrant and was the highlight of this desert.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on down to Chengdu for some numbingly spicy food! Be sure you’ve got your glass of water on the side ready!

成都 Chengdu

74 Amoy St,

Singapore 069893

Tel: +65 6221 9928

Opening hours:

Monday to Saturday - 11am to 10.30pm

Closed on Sundays

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