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Brotzeit's Karneval Special

While you have the usual four seasons in temperate countries, i.e. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. What you might not know is that in Germany, they have an unofficial “fifth season” also known as Karneval, which translates to Carnival in English.

It’s a traditional festival that dates back several centuries to mark the beginning of Lent. And as part of the festivities, Brotzeit is bringing in their special curated menu and specialty beers to celebrate. So head down there now till 25 February for a merry meal!

If you are feeling adventurous (and hungry), bring a buddy along and take on their “We Dare You! Brotzeit Challenge” which features the half-meter long classic Nürnburger sausage, along with sauerkraut and potato salad.

You can stand a chance to win this on the house, if you complete the challenge in four minutes. As sinful as it was, I could barely finish a quarter of it. So, good luck to those of you who're thinking of taking on this challenge!

If that’s too much for you, do try out their Zweierlei von Huhn (Duo of Chicken $40) -- one chicken served oven-roasted and the other golden fried, with fries and potato salad on the side. I loved how juicy the golden fried chicken was. And of course, the oven-roasted chicken was definitely the perfect bar food to munch along your favourite choice of beer. I’d highly recommend pairing with the Gaffel Kölsch beer, going at $10 a pop to pair with it!

In the spirit of merriment that Karneval is all about, there is nothing more joyous than sharing your joy with friends and family, especially over good food. Brotzeit has an amazing tapas selection you can choose from (German tapas, 3 for $15, 6 for $28, 12 for $45): Bierbeisser, super food salad, spicy chicken sausages, currywurst, golden fried chicken, cheese spätzle, meatballs, seabass fillet, fried mushroom, meatloaf in mini kaiser roll, chicken schnitzel in mini kaiser roll, and mini patty kaiser roll.

My personal favourite? The spicy sausages and the cheese spätzle as they really add dimensions of flavour as you drink your beer.

And after all the lovely food and beer, have a go at some some sweets to end your meal. Try out Brotzeit's Nutella-filled Rolls. It's a sure winner, especially when you’re a chocoholic like myself.

Brotzeit has always been my favourite go-to places for German beers, and I am pretty sure you’ll enjoy yourself when you step into any Brotzeit outlet.

For more information on Brotzeit outlets in Singapore, click here.

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