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Brotzeit New 2018 Menu

There’s always something sumptuous about German cuisine, and when it comes to German food, one usually thinks of bratwursts & beers. In actual fact, there is so much more than that when it comes to German food.

In Singapore, mention “authentic German cuisine” and one of the first few places that come to mind would be none other than Brotzeit. Well now, they have a new menu and it is worth making a date to drop by with all of your family & friends!

From 10 April 2018, Brotzeit has launched 24 new dishes which offers a little something for everyone – from well-loved German classics to new healthy options from its new menu category, Brotzeit FIT. A trip down to any of the 5 Brotzeit outlets in Singapore promises to be a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

Here's a look into some of the dishes featured in Brotzeit's latest menu.

First up is the Pfandl. This dish is fantastic for all you meat lovers, as the dish is served in a large pan that features Nurnberger sausages, pan-seared beef, pork patties, smoked Kassler, roasted pork collar & meat loaf, rested over a creamy serving of mashed potatoes, fresh sauerkraut and drizzled in with mushroom sauce. The dish has a whopping 1kg of food, so what’s there not to love? And for $39, you are definitely getting your money’s worth. I really enjoyed the sausages, which were full of flavor and tasted amazing. The potatoes also provide a nice balance to the meats in the pan.

If you’re a fan of beef, treat yourself with the Klassisch Gekochtes Rindfleisch or Classic Boiled Beef ($29), cooked to perfection and served with a flavourful hot beef broth with seasonal vegetables.

Or for the chicken enthusiasts, feast on the Bayerisches Duo or Bavarian Duo ($38), a fried chicken dish served with potato salad as well as Weiβwurst sausages. This also comes with the famous Bavarian pretzel and sweet mustard. Do take note though, that the Weiβwurst sausages cannot be eaten as it is, you would need to peel off the layer of sausage skin and dig into the meat inside. If you're not sure how to do that, the friendly people at Brotzeit will be happy to help you with that!

Another one which I enjoyed was the DIY Brotzeit Fit Challenge, where you get to ‘Be Your Own Chef’ and customise your own refreshing bowl of salad. This is for all those who prefer a more health-conscious diet and would rather be “hands on in creating your own dinner”.

Brotzeit ensures that only the finest quality of ingredients are used and strongly believes in empowering diners to make your own choice & your own salad. The selection of greens, fruits, meats as well as dressings was truly a treat as I opted for servings of avocado, sashimi as well as lettuce greens for a well-rounded meal that was low on carb but high on nutrients.

Pricing starts from S$18 and includes the base, 1 protein, 1 superfood, 1 veggie/crunch and topped off with a dressing of your choice. Add-ons are available according to your preference.

That being said, Brotzeit also offers salads that do not require some self-assembly.

You may opt the Violeter Blumenkohlsalat or Purple Cauliflower Salad ($19) that features mixed with mesclun, baby spinach and olives in white balsamic dressing.

There's also the Gegrillter Ziegenkäse Salat mit Beeren or Grilled GoatCheese Salad with Berries ($21) that has tasty Grill Goat Cheese comes in a bowl of greens with pomegranate, cranberries, strawberries and pecan nuts over goat cheese, mesclun & baby spinach.

If you fancy an authentic German snacks, you can try out their Potato Sauerkraut Crockets. These are shredded potatoes which are mixed with imported sauerkraut, breaded and golden-fried. It has a unique stringy texture coupled with the warm familiar taste of potato. Delicious and worth getting a plate to share with your friends dining together. Or if you’d prefer something lighter and not so sweet, pump for their Lemon Crème, made with a crunchy cookie base and served with raspberry sauce and whipped cream.

For bread lovers, Brotzeit also has a range of gluten-free bread basket that has Ciabatta, Kaiser Roll & Bread Duo. Or you can choose to have them together with the Brotzeit Cold Cut Platter, which consists of cold meat cuts as well as a selection or European cheeses and also features the Bavarian Pretzel as well as the Sunflower Seed Roll. Enjoy your bread slices with the wonderful pairing of cheese and cold cuts!

For those who would love to have a change of variety in drinks, Brotzeit offers more than just beer on the menu. Try their Healthy Juices Paddle, which consists of the Belly Settler, Lemongrass Refresher, Beet Cool and Liquid Digestives. I personally prefer their Belly Settler, as it provides a cool drink to wash your palate before tucking into your dishes. The Liquid Digestive is also delicious, complementing your every bite with its soothing taste. Each drink costs $8, or you can order the DIY Brotzeit Salad and get then at $2 off!

And then comes dessert, we had a simple Lemon Creme, which essentially is a lemon flavoured cream topped with raspberry sauce. It was simple and had a nice zesty zing that nicely completed our meal.

And for dine-in only patrons, you can enjoy the following promotions going on in all of Brotzeit's outlets.

Perfect Pairings – with a top up of S$20

  • Try one of the new signatures Bayerisches Duo (Bavarian Duo), Pfandl or Zweierlei Vom Huhn (Duo of Chicken), and top up $20 for 2 Wieninger Beers (U.P. $27)

  • Brotzeit Feast – $140 (U.P. $162) A Brotzeit Platter with Bavarian Pork Ribs, alongside 4 Wieninger Beers. Ideal for a group of 4-6 pax.

  • Wonder Feast – $178 (U.P. $219) A Wonder Platter with 6 Wieninger Beers. Ideal for a group of 6-8 pax.

All that being said, the new 2018 menu from Brotzeit truly is a spectacular spread of authentic, innovative German food and the dishes as well as the atmosphere truly encompasses the Gemutlich experience – one that evokes great moments while dining together. So what are you waiting for, Get Together At Brotzeit!

Check out Brotzeit's outlets in Singapore and their opening hours here.

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