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Brasserie Fritz, Bukit Bintang

Whenever we think of High Tea sessions, two things come to mind. It's either a hearty buffet at a hotel, or a swanky three-tier tea set.

When we were invited to Brasserie Fritz, we weren't sure what to expect. But as soon as we walked into the building, we could tell it would be a swanky kind of high tea. The kind where you sit down and get pampered for a minimum of two hours.

And Brasserie Fritz definitely delivered just that.

I'm not typically one for high tea, as desserts and sweets are generally not my thing and I found that most High Teas tended to treat the savoury portion of the 'Tea' more like an afterthought than an accompaniment.

Hence why this occasion at Brasserie Fritz surprised me. Served on a typical, but beautifully presented, three-tiered platter, the savoury sandwiches on the bottom-most tier were the winners in my book.

The chicken curry kapitan sandwich with cilantro mayo was great, and so was the smoked salmon with dill mayo in a mini-croissant. However, the winner of the day was definitely the prawn in salted egg cream cheese mayo and cucumber. So, so delightful that I had to stop myself from eating more than my fair share.

The upper two tiers were filled with your typical sweet items - macarons, custard puffs, a variety of cakes, chocolate chip cookies, etc. Unfortunately these items, even though enjoyed by my companions, were not stellar enough to win over this non-dessert lover. They were decent, but nothing to shout about in my opinion (again, unless you're really into cakes).

At RM55+ per person, and including a pot of delicious tea of various flavours. Brasserie Fritz has to be the best High Tea I've ever had - although be aware that this isn't saying much since, as I have reiterated, I'm not exactly your High-Tea sort of girl.

However, I do have to say, I absolutely loved their tea, and would go back just to have it on its own. I have to warn you though that they offer no parking and the valet will cost you a whopping RM30. So should you want to enjoy this very aesthetic restaurant, I would recommend you to park across the road at Lot 10 and walk over.

Brasserie Fritz Ground Floor, WOLO,

Bukit Bintang Street,

Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur,

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

Open daily 8AM - 12AM

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