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Blue Jasmine, Park Hotel Farrer Park

Good Thai food is easily found in Singapore. But what if you’re specifically looking for one that’s Halal?

Look no further and make your way down to Blue Jasmine in Park Hotel Farrer Park. Overlooking the Park Hotel’s pool, this rather fancy looking restaurant would be a great place to have a nice dinner that will make your tummy and wallet happy. Be sure to reserve a table here before coming! You can do so via Quandoo.

With a name like Blue Jasmine, you would expect some dishes to be blue here. True enough, instead of plain old white rice, you will be served the Blue Jasmine Rice, which is in fact blue in colour, as they cook it with the famous Thai flower, Butterfly Pea Flower, which gives off an amazing blue tinge. But apart from the pretty aesthetics, it just tastes like regular rice.

The best way to enjoy Thai food is to order several dishes to share and eat them with a plate (or two) of rice.

I personally believe a Thai meal is not complete without some Thai-style egg. We tried the Cha-Om Fried Egg ($12), a dish of omelette rolls with a chilli dipping on the side. This simple, yet delicious is in my opinion a must order. The chilli dipping has a slightly strong garlic flavour, which went very well with most of the other dishes too.

For some seafood, we tried the Holy basil of Fresh Squid ($24). Thai food is famous for using several types of herbs and spices, one of which is the sweet Thai basil. This squid dish served with crunchy long beans turned out to be very fragrant and was no doubt my favourite dish here.

One of Blue Jasmine’s signature dish is the Half Roasted Kampong Chicken ($26). Another simple dish made perfectly, the chicken was roasted with dried chillies for a spicy tinge and basil for added flavour. You absolutely must eat this with the sweet and slightly spicy dipping sauce that comes on the side.

Add some greens into you meal and try the Wok Fried Morning Glory ($12). A very popular and common Thai dish, the morning glory (also known as kangkung) is cooked in a savoury gravy with spicy chilli and prawn paste (or belacan).

Complete your Thai meal with a bowl of spicy Tom Yum. We had the Tom Yum Sea Bass ‘Poh Tek’ ($20) that came with chunky pieces of fish. I personally felt that the soup was a little to tangy for my taste, but I’m sure this will still appeal to many out there.

For dessert, we tried the signature Mango and Blue Jasmine Sticky Rice ($14) that came with sweet mangoes, caramalised peanuts and a sweet coconut custard, with the Blue Jasmin Stick Rice. With all the pretty colours in a single plate, this makes for a super insta-worthy dish.

Pair your meal with some of the house mocktails. We liked the house special, Blue Jasmine ($10), which features blue jasmine tea, lychee and citrusy yuzu puree.

Or go for something sweet and fruity with the Tropical Paradise ($10), made with a blend of juices – pineapple, mango and pink guava.

Make sure you come with an empty stomach or in a larger group, so you can try out more of the tasty dishes Blue Jasmine has to offer. Don't forget to make your reservations via Quandoo!

Blue Jasmine Level 5, 10 Farrer Park Station Road Singapore 217564

Opening hours:

Mon to Sun - 11.30am to 10.00pm

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