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Blixen, Old Spitalfields Market, London

Photo by Samad | Interior of Blixen In Spitafields, there are a number of eating spots that you can try and sometimes, without doing any research, I tend to fall into the trap of wanting to try a place because the interior design impresses me. Well Blixen was one of them, however I can't say that I'm entirely impressed by the food we tried for lunch.

Photo by Samad | Mozzarella Burrata, Chicory, Fennel, Orange and Pecan Nuts (£8.00/£16.00) So I'm gonna start by sharing my experience with the food here. The Mozzarella Burrata, Chicory, Fennel, Orange and Pecan Nuts impressed me the least out the three we ordered for lunch. I'm definitely one who can appreciate a well plated dish, I mean 2 thumbs up for presentation because this salad looks amazing, however this Mozzarella Burrata salad was very underwhelming, especially because we know that they didn't even use actual mozzarella burrata to begin with. Mozzarella Burrata looks like very soft and spongey cheese shaped like a tied up money bag and when you slice into it, it bursts out into a slightly mushy and moist texture (refer to photo below on how it looks). The mozzarella they served us was STRAIGHT UP normal mozzarella. There wasn't even that much cheese in the bowl either.

Photo from here | This is what mozzarella burrata is suppose to look like and what we expected in our salad!

Photo by Samad | House Hot-Smoked Trout, Avocado & Poached Eggs on Bread Station Rye (£10.00)

This dish was pretty ok. It's just a slightly heightened version of avocado on toast. The eggs were poached perfectly with runny yolk and everything, and the smoked trout was very pleasant. This is a good dish for when you're hungry but want to only eat healthy fats!

Photo by Samad | Jerusalem Artichoke Risotto, Trompette Mushrooms and Truffle (£15.00)

This risotto dish was delicious and was definitely the highlight of our lunch. It was delicious and really quite dense, rich and creamy with the cheese. My only tiff with this is that I didn't taste much of the truffle/truffle oil, which was a bit of a shame because that's probably the reasoning behind the high cost of this risotto. I can't really justify a £15.00 risotto if I can't taste one of the main ingredients in it. But out of all the dishes, this one stood out the most.

Photo of Samad | The green and cabin-like interior

So what did I think of my decision to eat at Blixen? Well to be perfectly honest, I don't think I'd be rushing back to this place, but I do think that the place is beautiful and "Instagrammable". So, I would maybe return to try their desserts or just to have a cup of tea, but other than that, you won't see me back here for lunch. But hey, this is just my opinion and maybe you'll have a different experience than I did!

Blixen 65A Brushfield St, London E1 6AA

Lunch Menu: MON - FRI: 11AM - 3.30PM Phone: 020 7101 0093 Website: FB: Twitter: Instagram:

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