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Birch, DC Mall

Birch, DC Mall is a new hip restaurant that’s making waves in the Damansara Heights neighbourhood. As you step into the establishment, you will be immersed in a relaxed and laid-back setting, reminiscent of the many famous restaurants and bars in West Hollywood.

The good people behind Birch who happen to be creators of well-known establishments such as Huckleberry, Mezze and Skullduggery really know how to set the tone for their customers and they have done a really good job with Birch.

The establishment serves a dual purpose, with a full-fledged bar serving delicious cocktails and a restaurant with an extensive menu focusing on freshness and bold modern-American flavours with hints of Peruvian influences. They have different menus for weekdays and weekend brunch as well as dinner but their essential dishes remain available everyday.

Cucumber, Apple & Mint Smoothie (RM19)

Since it was lunch time, we figured a smoothie would be best to combat the afternoon heat. The combo of cucumber, apple and mint certainly did its job. Made with fresh ingredients, this smoothie became an instant favourite. And just look at how beautiful it is. Perfect for that Instagram shot.

Birch Benedict (RM26)

This caught me by surprise.

How different can eggs Benedict be, I wondered. Boy, I was wrong. The Birch Benedict pictured above is in a league on it's own! And I'm not even exaggerating. 

The combination of spicy pulled chicken with sweet barbecue sauce gave it a unique taste profile that I've not found in other renditions of eggs Benedict prior. Topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and served on toasted 7-grain sourdough, this left me wanting more.

I'd happily come back to Birch for breakfast anytime and order this without a doubt.

Falafel Sandwich Wrap (RM18)

The chefs at Birch took the famous middle-eastern falafel and put their own twist on it by combining kale and ulam, paired with pickled chilli, chopped salad, red sauce, yoghurt and wrapped with Turkish flat bread. It's quite light and easy to eat if you're looking for a quick bite or if you're on-the-go.

Best of all, this sandwich is 100% vegetarian so for all you diners out there craving for something healthy and green, I recommend this.

Spatchcock (RM55)

Next up is a dish I personally love, being a huge grilled chicken fan. The Spatchcock is essentially a mexican spiced chicken dish with charred baby potatoes and grilled vegetables. Simple and comforting. Cooked in a Josper oven for that perfect high-temperature grill all around leaving it charred on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Definitely a house special and a must-try if you have a party of 2 or more as the portion is quite big for a single serving (unless you're a HUGE eater then by all means, go for it!)

Korean Fried Chicken Brioche (RM22)

All you Korean fried chicken fans out there, this dish is for you! Spicy buttermilk chicken is fried to a crisp, topped with young papaya slaw and served with a side of fries.

The Korean hot sauce drizzled over the chicken is actually made of kimchi that gives it a familiar Korean flavour to it. And the brioche is nicely grilled adding to the awesomeness of this dish.

Nutella French Toast (RM26)

Nutella-stuffed French toast, fresh and macerated strawberries - what a killer combination! 

This is absolutely mind-blowing (I might be biased as I love Nutella but who doesn't?). 

They are quite generous with the Nutella stuffing in the French toast and the strawberries was a nice finishing touch. Warning: This may look super sinful but once you have your first bite, you will be left guiltless (maybe).

All in all, we were rather impressed with what Birch had to offer. Despite the many offerings in the area, Birch holds its ground with its amazing offerings. Do drop by to try them out.

Birch, DC Mall

Lot G10/11, Ground Floor

Damansara City Mall, Jalan Damanlela,

Damansara 50490 Kuala Lumpur

Opens daily Mon-Thurs 9am-1am

Fri & Sat 9am-2am / Sun 9am-11pm


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