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Bilbao Brasserie, Bandung Indonesia

We were recently in Bandung for 5 days, making Tim’s wedding suit and doing some shopping. Of course, like any of our trips, we love to hunt for good food and cafes locally to try out. One of the places we stumbled upon when doing our research is Bilbao Brasserie.

We fell in love with their Instagram feed and just had to pay a visit to the pretty cafe.

You will feel totally transported to a different place upon entering Bilbao. You leave behind the insane traffic and enter an oasis amidst the city.

Bilbao Brasserie has a very French-inspired cafe feel. And you just can’t help but to want to spend the whole day lounging here. Since the weather in Bandung is already very cooling and the place is air conditioned on top of that, you can certainly spend a full day at Bilbao.

The day we visited, however, was a little warmer than other days. So we were so relieved to be welcomed with a refreshing mocktail. You can get a whole pitcher of mojito mocktail for only RP75.000.

For something on the heavier side, we sampled their Toaster Mallow (RP39.000). Isn’t it pretty?

Bilbao has a decent mix of Asian and Western cuisine. We tried their nachos (RP46.000), which was a generous portion enough for five to share.

Next, we had their sliders (RP46.000) which also had a very Mexican flavour to it.

For mains, we tried their lemongrass chicken (RP59.000) which is served with rice and sambal matah. Sambal Matah is a must try for anyone coming to Indonesia. In Malaysia, we maybe have 3-4 types of sambal, but in Indonesia, there are over 20 types of sambal to be sampled.

The next dish we tried was their raclette steak (from RP129.000). We loved the cheesy topping which gave the steak a good flavour. And the steak was cooked perfectly at medium rare. Paired with the baby potatoes, this dish was an easy favourite for all.

Finally, for dessert, we had a lovely tiramisu. It was very smooth and had just the right amount of coffee flavour to it. It is also one of the most unique presentations I’ve seen for a tiramisu.

For those who are in Bandung, do give Bilbao Brasserie a Fry. Their menu is so extensive, there is so much to try here.

Bilbao Brasserie

Jl. Cimanuk

No.12, Citarum,

Bandung Wetan,

Kota Bandung,

Jawa Barat 40115,


Open Sunday - Thursday: 7AM - 10:30PM

Fridays and Saturdays: 7AM - 11PM

#bandung #indonesia

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