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Big Feed, Govan

Photo by Samad | The Big Feed space

I'm so glad that there are more foodie spots to please my foodie appetite here in Glasgow. This time, we're gonna talk about Big Feed Street Food Social located in Govan on the south side of the city. The warehouse space itself is massive and covered in fairy lights, which makes the place appear quite magical! And evidently, this set up is very perfect for family outings because we saw a lot of young parents bringing over their kids for some noms. They have free parking outside, but I think it's easier to get there via the subway because it's only a 10 minute walk away from either Cessnock station or Ibrox station, and you won't have to worry about the parking spaces getting full. So, entry fee is only £2 per person, £1 for individuals who have a subway concessions card and absolutely free for children under the age of 10. The prices for food ranges from £3 to £6. There are many food stalls to try, and even a cake and coffee area, but in terms of food, there are more burger-like dishes than anything else from what I have observed. If you're a bun-loving foodie, then this street food place is for you! There's also a photo and karaoke area, and a vintage arcade corner! Plenty of activities for everyone!

Photo by Samad | Summerhouse Pantry looking dreamy with their cakes

Photo by Samad | Can't get enough of this cute motor thing

Photo by Samad | Charlie Mills Coffee

Photo by Samad | Arcade corner!

Photo by Samad | The Prague Shack

Photo by Samad | Loving this set up

Photo by Samad | Food, glorious food!

So we got small dishes from six different vendors. The first one being a Tirada de Cerdo (£6) from Burrito, Roast Beef Wich (£6) from The Prague Shack, Buffalo Prawns (£6) from Shrimp Wreck, Fried Halloumi Chips (£6) from Chick + Pea, Duck Spring Rolls (£4) from Duck, Chicken with Buffalo Sauce and Garlic mayo (£3.50) from Street Food Putter Club and MCaffe Latte (£3 each) from Charlie Mills Coffee! Altogether, between 2 people it costed us £41.50 in total.

Photo by Samad | Roast Beef Wich (£6) from The Prague Shack

So, the Roast Beef Wich (£6) from The Prague Shack was pretty alright. This dish consisted of roast beef in a brioche bun, served with rockets, house pickles, wine mayo, sauteed onion and dijon mustard. The roast beef was cooked with a medium centre, but it was a bit tough so it wasn't an easy sandwich to consume. Also it could do with a lot more pickles and mustard actually, because the mustard was quite yummy and gave it a tangy zing.

Photo by Samad | Buffalo Prawns (£6) from Shrimp Wreck

The Buffalo Prawns (£6) from Shrimp Wreck is a really good dish to share as a group. They're pretty simple battered prawns that may have taken a while to be prepared (the service was a bit slow) but at least the prawns were piping hot and crunchy when I received them. I however felt that the blue cheese tasted more like mayonnaise rather than the pungent awesomeness that is blue cheese.

I really liked the Duck Spring Rolls (£4) from Duck! It was not too dry, not too oily, a good portion and tasted great. I'd go back to try their other dishes too for sure.

Photo by Samad | Duck Spring Rolls (£4) from Duck

Photo by Samad | Fried Halloumi Chips (£6) from Chick + Pea

If you like halloumi like me then definitely get a portion of the Fried Halloumi Chips (£6) from Chick + Pea. Perfect as a side for sharing! The price for halloumi though is a little bit more than expected, however they did a good job with cooking it well. But these was delicious and a perfect combo with our other dishes! Big in portion too!

Photo by Samad | Tirada de Cerdo (£6) from Burrito

My favourite dish from the night was the Tirada de Cerdo (£6) from Burrito. It consists of slow cooked chipotle pulled Perthshire pork with onions and spices! This burrito was LOADED. A ton of delicious and savoury tender pulled pork which was cooked so beautifully! But I personally would have preferred more salsa or guacamole to balance our the whole burrito because it was 80% pulled pork and 20% everything else. Granted this burrito was still my favourite because it was super tasty!

The Big Feed is a street food event that happens every 2 weeks in Govan. The street food vendors rotate all the time and there'll be different food every time you go for a visit. Definitely think that this is a good spot for families because there's music, photo booths, games, so much food to try and so many activities to do! Take note, some vendors accept card but bring cash and small change just in case. This place allows only guide dogs within the indoor premises, other pups need to be outside unfortunately. Parking is available and subways are very nearby (Cessnock and Ibrox subway stations).

The Big Feed Street Food Social

249-325 Govan Rd, Govan, Glasgow G51 2SE

Opening Hours: The Big Feed are open every 2 weeks, please check website for details on time, date and vendors present


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