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8 Best Yee Sang In KL 2018

This year, we’ve seen a lot more innovation when it comes to Yee Sang. Most places are starting to use fresh ingredients and healthier alternatives. 

We were very impressed by some of them that we’ve tried over the past month. 

Here are the best Yee Sang in KL we’ve tried:  

1. Palsaik Korean BBQ

What’s special about it: If you love Kimchi you will love that Palsaik adds a hearty portion of kimchi into the mix. Toss that kimchi with their Yee Sang and it makes for a nice sweet and sour blend. 

2. W1, Bangsar Telawi

What’s special about it: Peanut butter vodka sauce is an option here. Pour that over their fresh Yee sang (which includes beetroot) and you have a winning combination. Instead of crunchy biscuits, you get some crispy seaweed!  

3. Fifth Palate, Kota Damansara 

What’s special about it: Using only the freshest ingredients (just look at that salmon) and that crispy fried fish skin in replacement of the biscuits, we absolutely love their rendition. 

4. Alison Soup House, TTDI

What’s special about it: A mix of fruits and vegetables, this Yee sang gives a refreshing take on the traditional dish. We loved the Korean pear used, which gives it the nice, sweet crunch. 

5. Royal Canton, DC Mall 

What’s special about it: Royal Canton offers a few varieties of Yee Sang, but we especially loved their Jelly Fish, Crispy Ice Fish and Salmon Yee Sang versions. With so many options to try, you can come back multiple times and always enjoy a different experience. 

6. Lavo, Tropicana

What’s special about it: Lavo is famous for their white bait so it’s no surprise that their Yee Sang is topped with their specialty. It’s also a generous portion! The best part is, for those who are a little health-conscious, the Yee Sang also comes with a red dragonfruit sauce. Yum! 

7. Tabetomo, Plaza Batai

What’s special about it: For RM88 nett, you get 8 sake shots AND the Yee Sang. Incorporating Japanese elements into the Yee Sang, you will find unique ingredients in Tabetomo’s version, including bonito flakes, daikon radish and an interesting c.

8. Ante

What’s special about it: Porky lovers won’t be able to resist Ante’s Yee sang, which uses jamon iberico in its Yee Sang. The pomegranate seeds are also a great touch! 

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