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Best of Miyazaki Prefecture @ Sushi Tei, Singapore

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Sushi Tei is bringing the best of Miyazaki prefecture to Singapore for a limited time. This is the first exclusive partnership between the Miyazaki prefecture and Sushi Tei to showcase Miyazaki's beautiful and wholesome produce in a one-of-a-kind winter menu.

This winter menu includes Miyazaki's trademark dish – Fried Mehikari ($9.80). The Fried Mehikari is a Greeneye fish tempura that is naturally found in the waters of Miyazaki. The fish was fresh, and it had a unique bold flavour combined with a slightly sweet taste. The Fried Mehikari was definitely the perfect starter in the exclusive Miyazaki menu.

Miyazaki also has a popular dish loved by its locals, the Nanban Chicken (S$10.80). This juicy and crunchy Nanban chicken is deep-fried till golden brown and dipped lightly in a sugar-vinegar mixture for an added tarty flavour. It is topped with plentiful of tartar sauce, exactly like how the locals prefer in Miyazaki.

The Pearl Negitoro Maki ($13.80) is yet another Miyazaki favourite dish. The base of maki is contains rich and buttery negitoro tuna, and you can savour the perfect balance of fat and lean meat in every bite. This beautiful mess is made perfect with a generous serving of ikura and ebiko for an authentic Miyazaki maki experience.

Meat lovers rejoice! The combination of Miyazaki Beef and Budou Pork Meat Gyoza ($10.80) is a match made in heaven. The highlight of this gyoza is the Budou pork. The meat has a tinge of sweetness as Budou pork fed with grape husks that come from grapes used in making a local wine called Aya wine. This results in a sweeter and smoother pork texture in contrast to typical pork meat. We can definitely vouch for dish, one of our most favourite dishes from their winter menu.

For those of you who do not eat beef, fret not! Non-beef eaters can enjoy the sumptuous experience of Budou pork meat with Sushi Tei's Budou Pork Don ($12.80). The Budou pork is served on a bed of aromatic Japanese rice and served alongside a generous helping of onions, carrots, leeks and a runny onsen egg. A simple yet flavourful combination pork bowl that was tasty and filling.

Behold, Miyazaki's prized produce known worldwide – the A4 Miyazaki Wagyu Beef. In Sushi Tei's Miyazaki Wagyu Beef Steak Flambé (S$29.80), the wagyu beef is served in sliced cubes, then poured over with a shot of whisky and torched for a subtle pearly char. The velvety and creamy flavour of the beef is paired with the whisky for an added smokiness, which enhances the natural flavours of the beef.

The Miyazaki experience was capped with an ice cold Hyuganatsu Ice Cream ($4.50), a sweet end to this beautiful winter menu. The ice cream is made from Miyazaki grown Mandarin oranges which only ripens in the warmth of summer.

These exclusive winter offerings by Sushi Tei and the Miyazaki Prefecture will only be available until the end of February 2020, and exclusively at all Sushi Tei outlets islandwide.

For inquiries on your nearest Sushi Tei outlet, click here to find out more.

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