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  • Sarah Voon

Best artisanal kayas in Singapore and Malaysia

In Singapore and Malaysia, we have so many food choices no matter the time of day. We have hundreds of options to choose from for breakfast alone that the decision might be hard to make sometimes! But you can never really go wrong with a simple kaya toast and coffee!

To up our local breakfast game, we decided that it would be awesome to try locally made artisanal kaya to pair with our toast, rather than buy the generic off-brand ones from the supermarket.

So here’s our roundup of the best artisanal kayas in Singapore and Malaysia

  1. Ujong Straits Kaya - Singapore

Ujong Straits Kaya is by the Gryphon Tea Company and retails for $8.95 per bottle. It comes in an original flavour which is made from butterfly pea and pandan, or you can choose from their saffron or caramel and sea salt versions.

2. Kayamila - Singapore

Kayamila is one of the newer kaya brands to hit the market in Singapore. Kayamila comes in four flavours including original, sea salt caramel, vanilla pandan and calamansi citrus. This is a cheaper option selling for only $3.50 per bottle.

3. Yakun Kaya - Singapore

One of our favourite breakfast spots lets you enjoy kaya with their toast, and also buy back a bottle home for you to enjoy whenever you want! Selling for $4.80 a jar, this kaya falls within the mid range of artisanal kayas in Singapore.

4. Killiney Kaya - Singapore

Killiney’s kaya pays homage to its Hainanese roots and is known for a very thick and creamy consistency. At $4.50 per jar, this is also within the mid-range for spreads.

5. MARDI Artisanal Grocer - Malaysia

One of the most coconutty kaya spreads in the market, this costs RM15 per jar. And it is one of the few artisanal kaya spreads in Malaysia.

6. Sous vide kaya by Li Damansara - Malaysia

By far, one of the most impressive kayas we have ever tried is Li Damansara Jaya’s sous vide kaya. The light colour of the kaya is due to the fact that no colouring is added and it is just the gentle green pigments from fresh pandan leaves. A must- try at only RM7.90 per jar.

Enjoy your quintessential local breakfast by making some coffee and toast at home, like we did with our Bodum toaster and e-Pebo coffee maker, thanks to Hwee Seng Electronics.



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