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Benja Chicken, the World's First Brown Rice Fed-Chicken

The world's first brown rice-fed chicken, Benja Chicken from Thailand is now available in Singapore.

Benja chicken is no ordinary chicken. It's more tender, juicy and has an exquisite flavour profile compared to conventional chicken. In Thailand, Michelin-starred restaurants such as Saneh Jaan, Paste and Siam Wisdom prefer Benja Chicken due to its rich and bold natural flavours.

Benja Chicken is 100% natural and hormone/antibiotics free. The chicken are fed only selected brown rice grains rich in Gamma-Aminobutyric acid, antioxidants, and vitamins B3, B6 and B9.

In addition, Benja Chicken takes pride in its animal welfare mission. You can be assured that the chickens aren't mistreated, and are raised cage-free under controlled temperatures – ensuring they get the very best environment to grow happy and healthy.

Singapore is the first country outside of Thailand to officially launch these brown rice-fed chicken. To commemorate the occasion, Benja Chicken has collaborated with one-Michelin starred Alma by Juan Almador to curate an exclusive 3-course lunch menu. It is priced at $39++ per person and will be available for 3 months only from the 3 September 2019 onwards.

The 3-course meal began with a couplet of delicate canapés – the Chicken Ragout and Mushroom with a hint of white truffle oil, along with a Korean inspired Chicken and Kimchi wrapped in a crunchy umami seaweed.

The first course is a classic French-inspired terrine served at room temperature. The terrine comprises of tender and lightly seasoned Benja Chicken breast and mushrooms. The addition of miso, hazelnuts and Shao Xing wine accompanies the natural and juicy flavours of the chicken breast.

The main course, Chicken Roulade is a dish inspired by Singapore's favourite hawker dish, Chicken Rice. This rendition uses fragrant Koshihikari Rice (a kind of brown rice), which was stuffed in the chicken drumette, paired with an exquisite Jerusalem Artichoke together with a spoonful of Ramson Oil.

Last but not least, a refreshing and citrusy medley of Wild Berries, Elderflower Sorbet, Sorrel and Jalapeño makes the perfect combination to end this pleasurable 3-course meal.

You can also buy Benja Chicken to cook at home from end-October 2019 onwards. It will retail from $10.50 at Cold Storage, Fair Price and other major outlets with the available parts being:

  • Raw Frozen Skinless Boneless Breast 520g

  • Raw Frozen Skinless Boneless Leg 400g

  • Raw Frozen Skin-On Boneless Leg 470g

If you'd like to sample the bold flavours of Benja Chicken, I recommend you make a reservation at Alma by Juan Almador to experience the extraordinary textured brown-rice fed chicken offerings while it lasts!

Alma by Juan Almador

Goodwood Park Hotel

​22 Scotts Rd

Singapore 228221

+65 6735 9937

Opening Hours

Daily: 12pm - 2pm; 6pm - 9.30pm (closed on Monday)

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