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BeGin Bar, Upstairs of The Penny Black @ Boat Quay

We recently tried BeGin’s amazing British Indian bar bites and it’s the perfect accompaniment to their cocktails they serve here. Not every drink has a gin-base, but each are just as delicious as the other.

The drinks are made with plenty of local ingredients, while staying true to its British Indian identity.

One of the popular cocktails we tried was the Koko ($23). Made with cocoa infused rum, orange liqueur and espresso, this drink packs a strong punch and is perfect for chocolate/coffee lovers.

Next, which turned out to be one of my favourites, we tried the yukie ($22). I love the matcha, mixed with egg white, fennel, gin and lemon. This is a delicious and refreshing drink. What’s unique about it is that if you drink in the powdered matcha side, the green tea flavour is strong and gives the drink an overall richness. However, if you drink it on the other side, the drink gives you a different dimension of lightness and the citrus is more prominent.

Another favourite was the Eden ($22) drink, made with celery cucumber infused vodka, ginger, homemade apple liqueur and honey, as well as edible soil. The edible soil contains nuts, so those who are allergic to nuts might want to give this spoonful a pass. I love the presentation of this drink because of how earthy it is, with the wooden accents and edible flower arrangement.

Another decadent drink is the Jagmohan ($25). This is a signature drink here at BeGin. Pronounced yagmohan, this British Indian drink is the perfect embodiment of both those cultures. The east meets west cocktail is made with tequila, pineapple, curry and cloves. This tasted like an alcoholic masala chai latte - absolutely delicious! Plus it is served with some fried chappati and dips - what a bonus.

For something a little more classic and refreshing, the Bramble ($20) is the drink for you. This simple gin-based cocktail is a blend of lemon, simple syrup and blackcurrents.

Finally, the star of the show was the Lavender ($25). Inspired by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II’s lavender garden, this regal drink carries the royal colour purple. Made with butterfly pea infused gin, coconut water, lavender syrup and elderflower, this drink is more magical than it sounds within the ingredients. It is actually served in a glass dome, whimsically presented with dry ice swirling around the drink. It’s very “Beauty and the Beast” and definitely a must-try here.

All the drinks we tried at BeGin blew our minds and it was such an enjoyable night out. We are already looking forward to our next visit to BeGin at Boat Quay.

BeGin @ Boat Quay Upstairs of The Penny Black 27a, Boat Quay Singapore Mon - Thurs from 5PM - 1AM

Fri - Sat from 5PM-2AM Closed on Sundays

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