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Bar Gumbo, Glasgow West End

Photo from Bar Gumbo Facebook Page | Bar Gumbo's interior

Photo by Samad | Bar Gumbo's fancy bar area

Bar Gumbo along Byres Road in West End Glasgow has had a face lift and is now launching their new menu focusing on steak and seafood. The overall theme still stays true to the character of the New Orleans American South vibes. We went for their menu relaunch night and upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of wine in a vibrant and lively atmosphere! It was quite a party indeed! Live New Orleans style music was performed the whole night with an appearance from a few beautiful carnival dancers. I give them two thumbs up for the interior too! I loved the space very much!

Photo by Samad | Carnival dancers!

Photo by Samad | Bartender preparing our Heroncane cocktails

Photo by Samad | Bar Gumbo Heroncane cocktail

Southern Comfort was the base of the three cocktails they were serving to visitors. We managed to try two of those cocktails. Pictured above is the Heroncane made of Southern Comfort, anise infused passionfruit syrup, fresh lime and passionfruit juice. These cocktails were a proper thirst quencher! Very fresh and much like a summer's day punch. If you like sweet cocktails, this one's for you!

Photo by Samad | Wine and Southern Comfort Peach and Lemon Tea cocktail

We also tried the Southern Comfort Peach and Lemon Iced Tea which was a simple cocktail consisting of Southern Comfort, iced tea, fresh lemon and peach. It's pretty much an upgraded booze-y version of your normal iced tea, with bits of fruit in it which made it more like a simple sangria. I enjoyed it! I wish I could've tried the other cocktail though. It's called the New Orleans Mint Julep which has Southern Comfort 100, fresh mint and crushed ice in it. Sounds super refreshing! We'll probably pop over to give it a go another time.

Photo by Samad | Fresh oyster and gumbo!

So, Bar Gumbo launch their new Southern American themed menu which consists of items like steak, grilled seafood and gumbo. The first thing they shared with us was fresh oysters with lemon. I'm not one to rave over oysters but the ones they served were very fresh! It was delightful with a hint of lemon. You can tell it was fresh and cleaned well because firstly, no signs of sand or crumminess in the oysters and secondly, it wasn't smelly! It was instead, pretty fresh, like consuming the ocean breeze (if that makes any sense). If you've never had fresh oyster, I'll warn you now! If you're a person who doesn't enjoy slimy textures and/or a strong fishy taste, then you might want to give the fresh oysters a pass. They also prepared their version of a typical Louisiana Gumbo dish for us all to try. Their gumbo was not very soup-like and more on the dry paella side but it was still good nonetheless! The fresh prawns were grilled and charred well, and the bits of seafood, vegetable and chicken in the gumbo were yum! My only comment is that the rice was just a little bit undercooked, but this was not a really big issue. I would still give them props for the lovely flavours and presentation of the gumbo for sure!

Photo by Samad | Bar Gumbo Burger

This simple beef burger that they served us was tasty! I'm not a huge fan of burgers but I can safely say that this one was cooked well, with fresh buns, vegetables and with an appropriate amount of condiments. The only things I look for in a good burger is soft and toasted buns, medium rare and evenly cooked patties, balanced flavours and no signs of dryness whatsoever. This one ticked all those boxes so nothing to complain here. If you want a decent but simple burger, hit up Bar Gumbo.

Photo by Samad | Crab salad tacos

This one was my least favourite dish out of all that we tried! The crab salad tacos (the one in the middle of the plate) were too salty for my taste. The other two I think were smoked salmon tacos, were just as salty since they're after all, smoked salmon, but not as much as the crab salad tacos.

Photo by Samad | Bar Gumbo Mac 'n' Cheese

I like their Mac 'n' Cheese and enjoyed this one so much more than the fish dish. The Mac 'n' Cheese was very homey, comforting and I think really perfect for a winter's day, when you just want to warm up and feel cozy. It's not too salty, not too heavy, and the macaroni was cooked perfectly. I reckon I might return just for this! Bar Gumbo has just revamped their space and menu so if you feel like trying a new place with a New Orleans American South theme, stop by the bar, order a refreshing sugary cocktail, try their gumbo or mac 'n' cheese! It's worth trying for sure!

Bar Gumbo

71 Byres Road, Glasgow, UK

Telephone number:

0141 342 5726

Opening Hours: Everday 11:00am - 00:00am Website:




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