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B Burger, Orchard Cineleisure

I’d seen the place circulating on my social media for weeks! But being (mostly) based in KL, it’s hard for me to just drop everything and pop by Singapore to try out a place that’s caught my attention. Thankfully, I had a trip I couldn’t miss and found myself in Singapore over a weekend. I knew I had to set aside time to try B Burger.

So on a Sunday afternoon, I slid into one of their bright and welcoming booths to indulge in some burgers.

I’ve been to quite a few burger places before. Five guys and Shake Shack in Manhattan, MyBurgerLab and KGB in Kuala Lumpur... but none were quite as tropical and colourful as B Burger. Its appeal is definitely for a younger crowd. And it certainly succeeds in doing that. By about 12:15pm, more than half the shop was packed.

Casual and delicious dining, affordable prices, right in the heart of Orchard Road. It’s the trifecta for hype, if you ask me.

The menu can be a little intimidating with so many options to choose from. Start with your preferred type of meat to narrow down the choices. I tend to always lean towards beef when it comes to burgers, but more about that later. Sides are aplenty and we got to sample their truffle mayo fries ($5) as well as the curry beef fries ($5). I preferred the truffle mayo fries over the curry beef, though I must say the flavour of the curry beef stood out and had a moreish touch to it.

You can’t really enjoy burgers without also indulging in milkshakes and I’m glad we tried 3 of their shakes. The chocolate banana, matcha and cookies & cream shakes all come in medium for $6.90 each. I personally love milkshakes and enjoyed all three equally.

For something a little different and on the edgy side, their wafu ramen slaw ($3) is an interesting starter but not one I was a huge fan of. The crispy ramen bits gave the slaw a nice crunch and variation to its texture but I’m not a fan of slaw overall.

Finally, it was time for us to taste what we had traveled all the way here for - their burgers. We tried one beef and one chicken burger. We had a go at their classic B Burger ($6.90 for single, $9.90 for double, $12.90 for triple). While the patty and cheese were a beautiful burst of flavours in my mouth, the bun for the burger fell short. I didn’t quite fancy the whole bread bun and would have preferred something closer to a brioche.

As for the chicken burger, however, named the BomChicka Wow Wow ($10.90), it was absolutely stunning from start to finish. From the charcoal bun to the fried egg to the expertly coated chicken patty that was grilled to tender perfection... each bite was more impressive than the last. A highly recommended choice.

Hotdogs are a total weakness of mine. So I would almost never hesitate to order one if I had someone to share it with. This hotdog, the Osaka Corn Dog ($6.90), comes without the bun (which is honestly just the way I like it). It is seasoned with a little seaweed, some mayo, tobiko and teriyaki, giving it that strong Japanese flavour. But I absolutely loved it.

For desserts, we were recommended a concrete. We got a campfire ($7.50), which was an adorable mishmash of speculoos, vanilla ice cream and chocolate, topped off with a skewer with a marshmallow to mimic a campfire. It’s a very decadent dessert for one, but perfect for two or three to share after a heavy meal.

B Burger was surprisingly good for a place with its price point and extensive menu. Of course, there is a little ways to go with their buns. But if you are a fan of chicken burgers (and you will be with the BomChicka Wow Wow), then you will love the burgers here.

B Burger

Orchard Cineleisure

#01-01/01A, 8 Grange Rd


Opens daily from 12PM-10PM

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